TiVo …

Nowadays, it seems like everything is made by Samsung. Our fridge freezer and washing machine are Samsung brand. We almost bought a Samsung TV only for the model that we wanted was out of stock for weeks. When I came home after Virgin Media personnels installed the TV, broadband and telephone services, I found out that the TiVo box is Samsung too. To be honest, I wasn’t very excited with TiVo as we have the TV size M which only has around 60 channels. I think Freeview has more channels. Watching HD will be quite good but then again, there are not many HD channels available for our TV package.

Remember that I said I will probably not be using TiVo for recording. I just recorded a movie the other day. It’s a horror movie and I haven’t got a chance to watch it though. Now that I think about it, it’s actually pretty good since I can record any show and watch it anytime I like. The one feature that it lacks of is the ability to switch channel or set reminder automatically like the old Virgin Media TV set. TiVo can only record and remind at the same time. It’s really odd. Maybe it’s time to read the manual.

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