New home …

It’s more than a month since Mee and I moved into our new home. However, it felt longer. Everything in the house still looks pretty much the same. We are just lazy to tidy them up with the excuse of that our sofa hasn’t arrived. We got a coffee table though. We went to Harvey’s Furniture shop last weekend to pay the remaining amount of our sofa as it is due to arrive. When we arrived at the store, there were signs all over the place stating that the store is closing for a re-fit. We went inside and found out that there were lots of items on sale. We were first attracted by a wooden coffee table. After some discussions and looking at other options, it may well be too big for the space that we have. In the end, we chose a double glass with stainless steel legs. We are happy with the purchase.

The only thing that we bought second hand is the dining table and chairs. Initially, we thought that we will most probably get everything second hand. But to think that we will be sitting on sofa that belongs to someone else, we felt a bit uneasy. Some people may think that it’s unnecessary but I don’t think it’s a bit waste of money to buy everything new especially things that you don’t change very often.

Anyway, once our sofa arrives, we will be on a trip to Ikea again. We need a chest of drawers and TV stands. Chest of drawers from Ikea is quite cheap but TV stands with cabinets can be quite expensive. But then again, we are only going to buy it once and it will be years before we will need a new one. Once all that’s been installed, hopefully we will be able to stash away some stuffs into the cabinets.

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