Mee and I went to Ikea yesterday hoping to buy some cabinets to fill our new home. The day before, the weather forecast had indicated that there will be strong wind across the south of United Kingdom. I was a bit wary and the early morning situation certainly looked a bit scary. The tree branches were swaying around and the sound of the wind could be heard all the time. By the time we woke up, the weather had calmed and it was bright and sunny. There were leaves everywhere but surprisingly, no huge chunk of tree branches.

On the way to Ikea, the weather was good too albeit the traffic was a little bit hectic at times. When we finally got in to Ikea, we started looking at the various design of living room. When we finally got to the living room cabinets area, it took us at least an hour to decide the color of the cabinets as well as the door and fittings and accessories. At the end of it, we thought that we finally found the right combination for our home although I wasn’t quite convinced with the colours. Anyway, we went on to browse the rest of other departments to get more ideas. By the time we got to the lower floor, we thought that we finally found what could be the right combination of cabinets. However, when we got to the aisle to get the items ourselves, it was empty. We just couldn’t believe it. After all the discussion and walking back and forth the area looking at various designs, the items that we wanted were out of stock. I thought to myself that maybe it’s a sign that we might have chosen the wrong colour combination.

At home, we kind of had an epiphany. We decided to ditch the colour and go for white and red instead. Well, I wasn’t too sure about the original colours but white and red sounded good to me. It’s going to have to be another trip to Ikea.

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