OS X Mavericks …

I have been using OS X Mavericks for a couple of weeks now and so far, I have been quite impressed by the performance that it promised. I am not sure the battery life yet though it seems a bit jumpy and inaccurate. Moreover, the first thing I notice is the lag in launch pad. It doesn’t bug me too much since I don’t use launch pad a lot. When I first got my MacBook Air, it was on Snow Leopard. I was already impressed by this little machine as it started up in no time and the stand by time is just amazing. I can literally leave it for a few weeks and not worrying the battery being dead. Lion and Mountain Lion came and each upgrade brought more functionalities but it seemed to have slowed my MacBook Air. On Mountain Lion, I had to wait for around 15 seconds before I was allowed to type my password to login to my MacBook Air. I thought that’s it, maybe it’s time to clear my MacBook Air and reinstall everything. Now thinking about it, I am glad that I was lazy. OS X Mavericks doesn’t have lots of new functionalities but it certainly addresses the speed issues on my MacBook Air.

My MacBook Air now feels like new and I am quite sure the launch pad will be fixed in the next update.

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