Gaming season

I haven’t been to the town centre since before last weekend. It didn’t change much except for the Christmas decorations and sales. The Christmas decorations are not that grand compared to previous years. It’s a little to simple and doesn’t feel Christmassy. Still, I think there are more people in town compare to this time last year. I prefer online shopping nowadays. Or I would do online shopping first and then make a trip to the high street and see what the shops have to offer.

I haven’t bought things for myself for quite sometime and I am getting a little bit itchy. Well, I don’t count the things that I bought to fill up our new house and the last item that I bought for myself is iPhone 5, which was more than a year ago. My target for the new year would be a PS3. I have been dreaming of having it for years and years. Mee and I went to the recycling centre last week and some guy threw away a drum kit for playstation Guitar Hero game. I don’t suppose those thing can be broken that easily?? There are all sorts of things there including a gibson ’57 classic plus gold humbucker pickup set neck and bridge. I wonder what they will be doing to things that are still working fine. Would the workers there grab things that are still working? Anyway, I am just jealous of people who have game consoles. Ok, I know about PS4 but that’s about three times the price of a PS3. A PS3 will satisfy my gaming needs as far as I am concern.

I have also been looking at iPod Touch for quite a while now but considering it is more expensive than PS3, and I already have an iPhone 5, I am not in dire need of iPod Touch. iPod Nano seems to work pretty good for me. I am listening to Ellie Goulding’s latest album, Halcyon Days and I am loving it.

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