Playstation 3 500GB Bundle …

It’s the new year! Everyone is talking about new year’s resolution and I don’t think I have any. I just go along whatever suits me and Mee. However, I have kind of fulfilled one of my wishes of all time. I bought a PS3 500GB console at £199.99. It comes with Gran Turismo 6 and The Last of Us. I thought it was a bargain considering both games are quite new and not cheap. At last, I have my very own console and the disappointing thing about the package is that it doesn’t even come with a HDMI cable. Though it’s cheap but since it’s cheap, why not include one? For days, I have been playing it on a standard definition. I will be sourcing one this weekend unless Mee manages to get one for me today.


Playstation 3 500GB with Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition and The Last of Us
Playstation 3 500GB with Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition and The Last of Us

The Gran Turismo 6 is the 15th Anniversary version and it comes with a Playstation Network code with free cars and 1,000,000 credits. That’s really good compare to The Last of Us code which only gives me the network pass. Anyway, I think both are great games. I can’t really play The Last of Us for too long as I get dizzy looking at the screen panning around. To be honest, Gran Turismo 6 is not really the kind of games that I like to play. Hence, as of yesterday, I got myself Need for Speed Most Wanted! It’s a 4.4GB download and another 2.2GB download to get it up to version 1.03. It took less than an hour to download and installing the game but it was a good wait.

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