Playstation accessories

Before I bought the Playstation 3, I was already looking at the accessories such as the Playstation Move, steering wheel, Playstation eye and the likes. They are still quite expensive even though the new Playstation 4 is already out now. However, I believe that I can find them cheap in the second hand shops or eBay even. On the other hand, the games that utilises these accessories aren’t that many. I read somewhere that you need quite a big space to use Playstation Move. I am actually quite interested in Time Crisis 4 which comes with a G-Con gun. I have longed to play games like Time Crisis 4 on a console or PC but using a gun accessories.

As I mentioned earlier, I can find these Playstation accessories on eBay, though not easily and I wonder why. Surprisingly or not, music accessories are quite easy to find. I guess lots of people play Guitar Hero instead of sports game. One of the items on sale were beginner flute and it was sold by a seller in Hong Kong. I kind of doubt that Playstation has that kind of accessory although the photo looked quite convincing.

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