Spam comments …

Before my last few posts, I think I took like a couple of months off from blogging. Since then, the comment section has increased drastically. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry as almost all of the comments were spam. What I don’t understand is how my blog can attract so many unwanted comments. To this date, there are 31,911 comments. I have been clearing them whenever I can so that it won’t slow the blog down. Sometime later, I will try to google for a solution to stop people from spamming my blog with thousands of comments.

My other blog is just laying idle at the moment and I can’t imagine how many comments it has raked up. I know that I have said numerous times that having WordPress on my iPhone and iPad will definitely encourage me to blog more often. However, there’s always something crop up that kind of prevents me from continue blogging. For example, my latest technology addition, or addiction, Playstation 3. My late night is usually movie hours but now, I have to choose between the two of them. No, I have to choose between the two of them and sleep.

Yeah, I have decided to try and move my sleep time to a few hours earlier. 10 – 11pm would be ideal. My idea is that I will sleep early, and wake up early. By the end of last year, I am ashamed to say that my sleep time was around 2 – 3am.  Yesterday, I managed to go to bed at 1am and the day before was 1.30am. With a little more effort, I don’t see why I am not able to achieve early sleep time. One thing that is worrying me is that I may not be able to stay up late if need to. Hence, I devised another plan which is to sleep early during weekdays, but sleep later during weekends. That should work, shouldn’t it?!

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