Saw, the movie …

I am watching Saw II at the moment. Channel 4 has been showing Saw series and I have recorded Saw, Saw II and Saw III so far. I guess all the Saw series will be shown. Does it mean there will be a latest Saw coming? The last Saw, which is Saw VII was premiere in 2010. The Saw series started back in 2004 and has since had an instalment every year. Hence, it’s been 3 years without a Saw movie. I have to say, Saw is one of the movies series which I really like. I would say it’s even better than Fast and Furious and Final Destination. The reason being I can watch it over and over again and still quite excited about it. There’s even some Saw VIII trailers on Youtube but I doubt any of them is true.

If there is a new Saw coming, I will definitely make sure that I watch it as soon as it comes out.

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