Malaysia trip …

I didn’t mention a lot about my last trip to Malaysia. It was kind of busy and I was very busy at work too. I didn’t get the excitement of going back home. It felt like just going for a holiday. I am not sure why I have that kind of feeling. A lot of my colleagues were asking if I were excited. Hmmm…. I was not sure how to response to that because I didn’t feel excited. It’s almost felt like a routine although it’s been almost three years since Mee and I went back to Malaysia. For some reason, I was glad that I am back to UK; going back to my house and work.

Anyway, on our flight back to UK, someone took out a packet of durian and started eating. The moment he opened the container, we smelt durian. When confronted by the air stewardess, he said he didn’t know it’s durian. How could anyone buy something that they don’t know about? Especially it’s for consumption!!! Moments later, the none smoking signs were in red and the captain announced to remind everyone that smoking is illegal. It seemed like someone was smoking in the toilet. However, there were no more announcement after that. I am really surprised that in this day and age, there are still ill-considerate people in an airplane. I suppose flying has become more and more affordable nowadays.

The airline we flew with was Emirates. We kind of decided not to go for it anymore. It’s not because of those small incidents. It’s because Mee didn’t like the seats as they were too straight and the cushions were like very hard.

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