Stocking up lingerie

One of the things that Mee and I always do when we go back to Malaysia is buying lingerie and mens underwear. It’s not exactly expensive to buy lingerie or underwear in UK but in Malaysia, there are some familiar brands that I like or designs that Mee like and can’t be found in UK. Brands like Renoma and Hush Puppies are the ones that I would normally go for. Mee on the other hand, only chooses Triumph. Although Triumph has stores in UK, the designs and styles target more to UK market rather than South East Asia market.

On our last trip back to Malaysia, we bought more than usual. In return, we got special discounts, vouchers and a lucky draw. The vouchers were no use to us as it only valid for a month or so. We would have been back in UK by then. The lucky draw though, got us a bit excited. After we paid for the purchase, we followed the linked on the draw. When clicked, it stated click here for lingerie. Well, it’s not really a draw then, it’s just another trick to get you to buy online. We asked the customer service but no one seemed to know true meaning of the draw. Well, we do know the meaning of it, it just doesn’t make sense.

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