Back to Malaysia …

Friday is Chinese New Year. My brothers and sister are now back at home. As usual, the day before the Chinese New Year is always the reunion dinner. Surprisingly, I was told that the weather seems to be a bit cool this year. I always remember Chinese New Year to be a hot and humid days. On the other hand, UK’s weather seems to be quite unusual too. It’s cold but compared to previous years, it’s not near as cold and it’s winter. In the past, I had to wear two coats and gloves. This year, I only need to wear one jacket and that’s it. Elsewhere in the UK, there have been serious flooding issues.

Well, I think it’s a bit worrying though there’s not much I can do at all. It’s beyond my control anyway.

Being at home at this time is certainly ideal. However, considering that I am living in UK and going back to Malaysia is like going for a holiday, it is deemed as a bit waste of time. I always like to shop around in Kuala Lumpur and meeting friends when I am back in Malaysia. If I were to go back during Chinese New Year, most of my time will be at home. Quite possibly the whole time. In addition, my sister always goes back during Chinese New Year and most of the time, she will go on travel with our parents. Hence, it might not be a great time for me to go back.

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