Blogging …

I used to think writing a blog is easy. But nothing is every easy. You have to have a theme to write about and being me, I just talk about anything. Hence, my blog’s rating is not as good as I like. I like technology stuffs especially games and I like movies too. Hence, I started another blog to write all relevant reviews while keeping this blog as my sort of gossip blog. Soon, I find it tedious to handle both and I ended up writing everything here.

I am quite a conservative person when it comes to posting things online. I have a Facebook account that I don’t use much. I used to post a lot once a while but nothing too personal. Hence, I think it’s quite difficult for me as well when it comes to blogging. I don’t do a lot of photos as well as I just feel a bit odd. Maybe I am not that confident myself.

Being the normal me in front of people, I somehow feel a lot more confident compare to when I am blogging. People normally feel the opposite because when blogging, you are almost anonymous if you want to. Maybe that’s just me.

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