Work stuffs

The company has just announced a salary increment from January but unfortunately, I am not eligible. I can’t really complain too much as at the moment, it seems like having a job is more important than anything else. In addition, there hasn’t been any increment for the past couple of years and there has been quite a lot of people made redundant. Having said that, a lot of those staffs who were made redundant have amazingly come back to work again. It’s hard to determine how these stuffs work.

Come Monday, there will be new equipment like the tascam at Guitar Center to boost the college’s music courses. I have been to the music room and to be honest, it doesn’t wow me. Most of the rooms are quite small and dark. That’s not really a good way to attract students. However, we would hope that the new equipment could be the talking point and then boost the interest of students in that department.

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