Second Bedroom

Our second bedroom is still quite messy. It’s not in any state to have a mattress put in. We bought a foam mattress from IKEA clearance a couple of months ago and right now, it is under our mattress. We will only get it out if we have visitors. Otherwise, it will stay where it is. Even if we had cleared our second room, there’s no reason for us to put it there anyway. It will just be collecting dusts.

The bedroom is currently part storage, part wardrobe, part shoe storage and part cloth drying. We haven’t done our under stairs area and even if we do, I doubt we have enough space to accommodate Mee’s collection of shoes. After so many months, the room is still in progress. Even our living room is still quite in progress. We managed to get a display cupboard in last week from IKEA. And I must say since then, the living room is coming together very well.

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