Car is a liability

Everyone seems to be getting a new car nowadays. Well, not really everyone but there are a few of my colleagues who are either driving a new car or waiting for their new cars to arrive. I am not sure if I will get the same excitement as they do. One of them have some expensive Amps fitted while some have leather seats or huge alloy wheels. To be honest, nothing seems to excite me much. When I received my house key, I was quite calm. When I received my PS3, it was like another gadget to me. I don’t feel the need to have to play it right away. I could go days without playing it too. Whereas in the past, when I first got my PSP, I played night and day. Even Mee has to start putting restrictions on my play time.

When I bought my Ford Focus, I was quite excited. It’s my first car in UK. My second car, Toyota Auris, though newer, I didn’t get the same kind of excitement. Maybe I have more responsibilities now than before. Most people in UK can afford better cars because they are cheap. You can also make monthly payments to ‘hire’ a car. It’s cheaper than hiring a car for leisure. The monthly payments will mean that you only need to put petrol, everything else is covered. At the end of the three or four years term, you can then choose whether to keep the car by paying an amount of money, or change to a newer car by continuing the monthly payment scheme. To some people, it’s good because you can always drive a new car. For us, I prefer to just buy the car outright. I don’t need new car or sports car because I just think car as a liability. The price is never going to increase the moment I get the car key. I will need to keep pumping my cash in until such time when it becomes too much, I will have to look for another car. It will be really nice to have money to spare on car but we don’t have that luxury. We just have to be satisfied with what we have.

By the way, driving a new car may make both Mee and me mad. We will be thinking about where to park and always aware of the road condition.

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