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Since purchasing PS3, I find that every month, there will be some games on sale. Some games can be really cheap. The one that I notice this month is Grid 2. I was selling at £47.99 before this and now it dropped to £8.15. I just thought why drop so much? It doesn’t happen very often but so far, there will be one or two games that have the price dropped by such a huge margin. Sometimes, you can pick up a game for as little as £3. In my opinion, it’s better to download the games rather than having piles of Blu-Ray discs laying around. I have two discs that come free with my PS3. I might get another one or two just because I have the HMV vouchers to spend on. Unfortunately, February sale doesn’t excite me. I already have Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Driver which I believe are much better games than Grid 2. Well, any games with an open world is always better.

Surprisingly, I haven’t had the urge of getting Fifa. I played Fifa many many years ago. I believe the first Fifa I played was Fifa 1996 on my computer. I stopped a few series in between and also switched from computer to PSP. Now that I have PS3, I will definitely get Fifa when it becomes cheap. While the gameplay has improved tremendously since 1996, I do believe that Fifa 1998 is the best! Some people play Fifa and hoping for the gameplay to be good but Fifa 1998 is just so much fun. It’s not realistic at all but who cares? Gaming is supposed to be fun! Who wants to be playing a game with a character like themselves?

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