The Invention of Lying

Just been watching The Invention of Lying. How nice would it be in a world where everyone will be honest. There will be no reason to hide anything and everyone will be straight to the point. We don’t always have to guess what people are saying too. Or is it really good? Will people become more stressed by speaking the truth all the time? What happens if someone keeps telling another person that he or she is not doing good enough? Will it work as a push or will it make people more depressed? It’s hard to imagine a world of honesty, I guess.

Well, five minutes before The Invention of Lying finished, the Tivo box display a message that the channel may be off air and contact the virgin media team if necessary. It’s on ITV and I kind of believe that it’s ITV error as it usually does. A couple of minutes later, it was showing some advertisement about exciting gretsch guitars at guitar center. The next minute, the Tivo hung and I have to reboot it now. I don’t quite understand why this Tivo box takes ages to start up while my old box took just a minute or two. Tivo may have more functionalities but it’s a product that has been around for ages. Surely it can do better than that.

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