TiVo box

I still remember the first thing I said when we first got our TiVo box. I said that the recording functionality is something that will be useless to me. To date, I have used up to 70% of the hard disk space of 500GB. I have to delete some recorded shows once a while just to have more space to record some other shows. At one point, I used up to 90% of the hard disk space and it made the whole TiVo box navigation sluggish.

Actually, I have a habit of recording shows and watch later. That way, I can skip all the advertisement. Depending on the time of the show, some advertisement like the payday loan and insurance can be so annoying. At times, they are more about upcoming shows or denon at guitar center or sale. Anyway, I still prefer skipping all the advertisement and continue watching a show. Sometimes, I don’t even know why I am recording shows that I already have on my portable hard drive. I guess I can access them easier with TiVo.

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