I am thinking about using twitter again. It’s quite a nice tool to share something rather than having to blog about it. Like today, I saw a deal on PayPal which allows me to claim a £6.75 voucher at GBK if I pay by PayPal app. I could blog about it but I could also tweet about it which would be instant. On the other hand, why should I tweet? Most of my followers are from my previous bloggers community. I don’t even interact with them that often. There were times where I used my twitter account just to get more points for playing certain games. I don’t even use Facebook much as I thought it is difficult to draw a line between personal and friendship. Maybe it’s all my problem. For instance, I bought a PS3. I could just post it on Facebook but at the back of my mind, I would think about that people may say I am bragging. Some may even say I should have gone for PS4 instead. Truthfully, a lot of my friends on Facebook has talked about what they bought such and such.

Anyway, twitter may be a good start where I could be familiar with social media again. At twitter, I just thought I could just being anonymous and tweet to my heart’s content. Well, how should I begin now? We’ll see.

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