Mee and I are living in our home for half a year now. We met our neighbours a few times and all we said are mostly greetings and no more. I am not sure if I wanted the relationship to be more than that. It will be nice to talk more but at the same time, when we are at home, we prefer some time of our own. Sadly, we work during weekdays and gym on weekends. The time that we are at home is really the time that we want to enjoy on our own. Our neighbours, on the other hand, stay at home most of the time. Well, I am just talking about the two neighbours next door. The other neighbours who live near us, we do not have much contact with them at all. In fact, we don’t really see them much at all. It’s either they are home first, or us.

Last Saturday though, I was out watering the garden and coincidentally, our next door neighbour was using this dog dewormer on his dog. Bear in mind that one of our garden fences is only a foot tall. Hence, we can easily see what each other is doing. I guess there are good and bad having a shorter fence. We could look after each other as long as the relationship is good. Therefore, I believe that we can maintain a good relationship by not having too much conversation. Mind our own business, I think.

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