Spotify has been around for quite a while and I haven’t managed to really use it until now. I was listening to the online radio the other day and suddenly decided that I had enough. Most of the songs were not what I wanted to hear and I soon got boring. That’s when I looked into Spotify and now, I have Spotify on my iPhone, iPad and PC. I haven’t got it on my mac though. Anyway, I now managed to create a playlist of my own and play it wherever and whenever I want.

A flaw that I discovered just after 5 minutes of using Spotify is that it doesn’t have a good collection of Japanese music. I was looking for Ayumi Hamasaki and I couldn’t find any. Chinese songs are easy to find though.

Mee and I were looking at one of Argos offers; Sony micro hi-fi at £79.99. My plan is to have a hi-fi where we could use the AUX in to play Spotify or any music from USB. Hence, we decided to buy the Sony micro hi-fi the next time we are in town but upon checking on the stock availability on the internet, the nearest store with stock was in London. Well, I believe that’s always the case with Argos. Good value stuffs are always out of stock. Now, I am in the hunt for a wifi speaker or another good value micro hi-fi system. Ultimately, I would prefer a micro hi-fi system with wifi capability but it’s going to cost a bit more than I would like to spend. I have good hope though as it’s the end of the year and there are bound to be some good value micro hi-fi system coming up on sale soon.

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