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A lot of times, I read about wife as the person managing the finance and bills. I, on the other hand, am the one who manages the finance and bills in this household. I bet Mee doesn’t know a quarter of the bills that we have to pay. Thankfully, most of the bills are paid using direct debit. However, the direct debit comes out of different bank accounts and I need to make sure that the money is there at the beginning of each months.

In the past, I would have said no to online banking app. I do not trust the security and often the easiness to access my bank accounts using apps. I just felt that it’s vulnerable having that kind of access using my mobile phone which, touch wood, could be stolen at any time. How times change. I have three online banking apps for three different banks, of course. HSBC introduced a dongle type device to access online banking a while back to make the online banking more secure. However, when signing up for the HSBC app, I don’t have to use the dongle to access my bank account. In fact, I can even set a passcode which make access even straightforward and effortless. I wonder if that defeat the purpose of making online banking secure. I am not comfortable with using only a passcode to access my bank account, hence, I didn’t enable the feature. I would feel much secure if I had an iPhone 5S which uses the fingerprint.

Using app is so much easy when I want to transfer money between accounts. I can also keep track of my credit card spending. Having said that, Tesco credit card is my main credit card at the moment. The app is great but the transactions are not as up to date as logging in online. I hope that they can rectify that in the near future.

If only I can do blogging like I do with online banking.

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