iPhone 5 Battery

My iPhone 5 had a charge of 100% before I went to sleep last night. When I woke up this morning, it still had around 90% charge. I had only been watching a few youtube clips and whatsapping for about 10 minutes, it was down to 26% earlier. As soon as I connected it to the power source, it jumped to 45%. It happened since iOS 7 and a few updates later, it’s still displaying the same behaviour. It seems to me that it’s the iOS problem, unable to accurately show the battery level. When I was in Malaysia, the battery dropped to 19% and I still could make calls and texting for quite a while before it went completely dead. Hence, it indicated that it had more than 19% of battery charge.

All was well when I first bought iPhone 5. I twittered a few images showing that I could use my iPhone 5 down to 1% of charge before it died. I wonder what I had to do or is it something that I can do? I might have to wait for iOS 8 and quite possibly, upgrading iOS 8 might be a bad idea. Maybe I should format my iPhone 5 but it will take a considerably huge amount of time.

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