Our last vacation wasn’t anywhere exciting. It’s Bali and it seems to have a reputation of one of the must visit places. Well, Mee and I have been there and back and it’s not really giving us any memorable events during our stay. We hired a tour guide for our whole four days in Bali and by the third day, we ran out of places to go and we didn’t even want to go out early in the morning. Our tour guide insisted that we start the journey around 9am so that we will get the value of our money back. If you ask my opinion about Bali, I don’t really know what to say. It’s a small island but travelling from places to places seemed to take a lot of time. The roads were narrow and I was impressed with the way the people drove. If that happened to be in Malaysia, I wondered how many times we had to get out of our vehicle to check for damage.

Mee and I are not beach persons. The last time we had a great time at the beach was when we were in Greece. Bali just didn’t excite Mee and me. Tourist area were also swarmed with local people trying to sell you things from fruits to raquel welch wigs. They will give you a fruit, say, a banana and they will say it’s free. Once you ate it, they will ask you to pay for the whole bunch. How cheeky! If we were to go back, I believe we will have the kind of vacation as most westerners had which is to book a hotel room by the beach and stay on the beach most of the time.

I really love to have a vacation where we can just rest and relax somewhere and not thinking about anything. Unfortunately, we are not that rich to be spending monies going abroad and doing nothing. At least we can now put a dot on Bali on our travel map.

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