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Just when I thought I was a bit bored playing my Playstation 3, I started to search for my all time favourite game; Fifa. Well, I try not to spend a lot in games especially on new games like Fifa 15 which will cost a whopping £34.99. My second option is to look for previous version and pre-owned as well as research on the difference of the versions. Then, it came down to either Fifa 14 or Fifa 13 and they cost £12 and £3 respectively. Considering it’s only a year apart between the two, the pre-owned prices were so huge. After much consideration, I opted for Fifa 13 as it only cost £3. I don’t mind not having the latest rosters or the latest players in the team. As such, Fifa 13 works out great for me in terms of price and satisfaction. The only downside is it being Blu-Ray and it can get a bit noisy when the PS3 unit loads the game.

Not long after that, in fact, it was two days ago, there comes the Black Friday sale. Fifa 14 dropped to £10 but it didn’t bother me. It’s still more than three times more expensive than Fifa 13. However, something else caught my eyes, Grand Theft Auto 5. It dropped from £14.99 to £10 at the Game store. It was about £20 when I went to CEX, a shop specialises in pre-owned electronics and games. Without second thought, I bought it as I believe that it’s limited availability in terms of price and stock.

There I have, two of my favourite games, Fifa and Grand Theft Auto. They should keep me company for quite some time. I don’t think Fifa is a game that has an ending. Hence, even if I finished Grand Theft Auto 5, I will still have Fifa to keep me going.

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