iPhone 5 Case

Yes, I am still using my good old iPhone 5. I first bought it in 12th December 2012 and I have been using it since. In fact, iPhone 5 is the only mobile phone which I have owned and used the longest. Most of my mobile phones only last a year. Even the HTC Desire which was bought from new, lasted a year before I switch to iPhone 5. Even when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was announced, I wasn’t left wanting. Partly because I didn’t like iPhone 6 design at all. I might consider iPhone 7 when it arrives just because I like the number 7. But according to Apple’s trend, it might be iPhone 6S next rather than iPhone 7.

Anyway, I still like my iPhone 5. The case I had was a bit old and faded. It’s white and blue and the white is not that white anymore. Hence, I decided to look for a good case since I am not getting a new mobile phone and the prices for iPhone 5 cases should drop. I browsed and found Rock Royce iPhone 5 case. By the looks of the pictures, it looks really great. There are many youtube videos about it but they are for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, I did manage to find one eventually. Looking at ebay, the prices vary from a couple of pounds to 10 pounds. Most of the cheaper priced ones are from Hong Kong sellers and local sellers usually sell from five pounds onward. In the end, I bought one at six pounds.

Rock Royce iPhone 5 Case

The iPhone 5 case arrived a couple of days later. The packaging makes it looks like a premium product, not like some transparent plastic packaging with adhesive accompanied by low quality screen protector. The case itself fits nicely on my iPhone 5. It’s much slimmer than my previous case and it fits better and nicer on my hand. The picture attached is for iPhone 6 and it’s almost impossible to find one for iPhone 5. Well, the design is the same anyway apart from the volume and power buttons. The most noticeable different between this case and other lower value cases is the buttons. When using my previous case, it’s really difficult to press on the power and volume buttons. More often than not, I had to use my finger nail and pushed it hard. This new Rock Royce case makes it effortless. It feels like the buttons are part of iPhone 5.

Having said all that, the colored rim lacks a bit of quality especially the curved area. I do hope it lasts because it’s one of the best cases I had. However, only time will tell.

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