Clearing spaces

Mee and I have been living in the current house for more than a year now. It’s still far away from how I would like it to be. Moving from a rented room to a two bedroom house should be quite easy in terms of the things that we have. However, it’s unimaginable¬†that stuff we had when we were in our rented room could almost fill up the house. Recently, I bought some loft panels and tidied up the loft. It now has a lot more spaces and I have put a lot of stuffs in the loft, still, it doesn’t seem to create more spaces for us. Maybe we need to seek for some expert advice in terms of interior design.

The piano keyboard that we have is now stuffed away in one of the cupboards. I don’t suppose we have the time to play it anyway. I am thinking of putting it up in the loft. Some of my friends told me to sell it on or see MF for some ideas. Well, I better ask Mee first before I do anything with it. After all, she was also behind the idea of getting the keyboard in the first place.

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