Playstation 3 Download Management

I have been using my Playstation 3 for over a year now. Considering that my version of Playstation 3, which is the super slim model, is about 2 years in the market when I bought it, one would have thought the software and hardware have improved over the years. Mind you that the first Playstation 3 was announce about 9 years ago. Sadly, apart from being smaller, lighter and more options on the storage size of things, everything else stays the same. I wasn’t very annoyed since it’s a gaming console and I suppose it will play every games labelled with PS3 compatible.

On one sales event, I bought a few bundled games which came with a lot of downloadable contents (DLC). Most DLCs are quite small in size and it should take matter of 10-20 seconds to complete download and install. However, after installing a few DLCs, I thought I might as well get on with playing the game and download the DLCs later. That’s what I did and when I went back to the download list again, the interface only showed me the list of games and DLCs which I have bought. It didn’t state which items have been downloaded and installed. Imagine having tons of games and DLCs, how would I know which ones I haven’t downloaded yet?

I turned to Google for solution. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people are talking about it. Do they not care or downloading games aren’t popular yet? For me, it’s a flaw in the system. It’s easy to identify if I had downloaded the game because I can just look at my game list. I wouldn’t want to re-download all the DLCs again just to be sure that I have actually installed all the DLCs. Seeing that Playstation 4 is already here, I doubt there will be any more improvements on Playstation 3 XMB interface.

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