I am now seriously considering getting myself a set of headphone. I love watching movies and most of the time, I watched them in the middle of the night. As it’s in the middle of the night, I don’t have much choice but to turn the volume down a lot. I also have the tendency of falling asleep half way through a movie. I believe the sleepiness is caused by several factors; it’s the normal sleep time for a normal person, the volume is so low that I am using more energy to try to listen to it rather than keeping myself awake or the movie is just pure boring.

Hence, the solution might to get a headphone. That way, I can just crank up the volume without having to disturb anyone in the house or neighbour. It’s easy when you think about it but wait till you go online and search for headphone. There are thousands of them to choose from and the prices vary. I could set myself a budget but a few searches later, I will probably go out of my budget range. Wireless headphones cost more but it would make my life easier. I saw a hdj 2000 which looked great in terms of the specifications but no so great on the price. Unfortunately, it’s a wired headphone and the wireless one with the same specifications would probably cost a lot more than I am willing to pay.

I actually have been talking about buying a headphone ever since we moved into our new house and I still haven’t managed to make up my mind. Well, the search continues…

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