I used to download songs quite a lot but nowadays, I just turn to Spotify. There are many different online music streaming services available but I am just used to how Spotify works. I still haven’t quite figured out iPhone’s Spotify but eventually, I will.  I tried Rdio but the interface wasn’t as straightforward as I would like it to be. In Spotify, I just search a song and add it to my playlist. On Rdio, I failed on the first hurdle, which was searching for a song. It just doesn’t give me a usable search results. It’s pretty much like when you are using Google Search or Bing. Bing doesn’t give you the results that you can find in Google. The problem is, Google’s results are always most relevant to the search term.

I would want to try Apple Music provided it offers free account with the option to upgrade to a premium account like Spotify. Until such time, Spotify works best for me. I have also signed up for free two months premium trial account. It works similar to the free account except that I have the ability to download songs and listen without the need for internet connection. Best of all, free of ads. As good as it sounds, I will probably revert back to free account after two months. I can’t justify the need to fork out £9.99 every month for an online music streaming account.

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