Tiberium Alliances

tiberiumalliancesThis is the game that I have been playing. It’s called Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances but the gameplay is nothing like Command & Conquer as we know it. I have been playing for probably about 18 – 19 months. Seems like a long time but still, there are gamers who played for several years. Like Command & Conquer, you get to choose to play the good or the bad; NOD or GDI. You started with one base and as you grow your base, you can do research on more bases when you have enough points. I won’t bore you with the details but just some of the concepts. The ultimate quest is to defeat the Forgotten Fortress which is located at the centre of the map. With this online game, setting up or joining an alliance is important. There are POIs which will help your alliance members to gain Tiberiums and Crystals, which are the currency in the online game. Needless to say, the higher level of POIs you have, the more bonuses your alliance will have. And the quicker you can with upgrading your bases.

I would say that there are three parts of the game which is building your base, offense and defense. Offense helps to take out enemies and bases as you move towards the centre. Defense, well, helps you to defend from incoming attacks. With each attack, either from you or against you, your base needs recovery time and the time is determined by your units’ level and the buildings’ level which are relevant to the units. It’s difficult to find a balance in the game as to whether to upgrade the offense or the defense or the base. Also with each attack, you gain certain points call research points which will help you in doing research on better offense or defense units or even the next base. Until now, I am still in the learning stage.

There are many worlds to play in this online game. I played in five different worlds and I have yet to attack the Forgotten Fortress. It’s a long game and before you know it, you will be spending hours and hours in it. It’s fair to say that I have so far been able to resist myself from using real money on the game just to be able to upgrade my bases quickly. I prefer to have done everything with patient.

It has been challenging at times and not many people have that kind of patient. I didn’t think I have but yet, I have been playing Tiberium Alliances for so long and at times, I was logging in twice a day. There are people who are just there all the time, and there are people who just come and left. I get to see many who just want a quick game and leave the game as soon as they think that they don’t have a chance to attack the Forgotten Fortress any sooner than they think.

All in all, I can now quite understand why people prefer online game. It feels real as you are playing with real people from around the world rather than computer generated player who are less responsive.

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