Toys and more toys

Play area

Needless to say, we need to sacrifice some of our living areas in order to help Mason develops, or as Mason develops. The living room is now with a forward slash plus playroom. The photo is one of the earlier setups and it has changed a lot since. I will take a new photo when I get a chance. We have had a conservatory built and we now have our dining table and chairs in the conservatory. Hence, the old dining area is now a secondary playroom for Mason. I will always remember that one of my colleagues once told me that it’s surprising that there are so many things required just for a little one. It’s very true.

I would say about 90% of the toys were bought second hand. They have these children’s market once every few months and we always go there to look for some good used toys or books for Mason. Now, we are just looking for specific stuffs and even then, we always have a reason to go to these events. I don’t think we will ever skip the event unless we are away.

The next on our list is probably some music equipment for kids. We have one where it is like a farm booth with farm animal figurines singing. Well, it has a flute stand, microphone, lyric stand and a drum. What we are hoping to find is proper music equipment where Mason can learn. Both Mee and I are not very good at music and it’s something that we wished we had learnt when we were young. We thought it will be good for Mason to learn but ultimately, it will be up to him in the end.

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