Choosing the Next Mobile Phone

I am currently using Google Nexus 6P, replacing my iPhone 5 which I have been using happily for the last few years. Why that switch? It’s not deliberate. Mee is using iPhone 5s, her second iPhone actually. Whenever we bought an iPhone, we always opted for the 16GB which is the cheapest. We never have the need for more space until now. Since we have Mason, it’s always about him I suppose. We take lots of videos and photos of him. When we look back at them, it brings back lots of memories. Even though Mason is only 15 months now, it seems like a long time now.

Hence, 16GB is nowhere near enough. iPhone was the first choice when I started out searching for the next phone for Mee. However, it was still quite early in the year and a few more months, iPhone 7 will be announced. I have to say, I don’t like the design of iPhone 6. But then I saw an advertisement about Google Nexus 6P. Well, at one point, I was attracted to Nexus phones because they are the vanilla Android. But going from HTC Desire to iPhone 5, I didn’t have much confidence in Android at that time. Anyway, I went into Google Play Store and there was a discount of £70 and it brought the price down to less than £400 for a 32GB Nexus 6P. I started the discussion with Mee, persuading her that Android has progressed and I wouldn’t recommend her to just about any phone. If she didn’t like it after a week, I would use the Nexus 6P and she will just have to wait for iPhone 7.

So, we bought one and I opted for the 64GB which was only £449. A week later, Mee pushed it to me and it’s now mine since then. I have to say, Android is a complicated system for a person like Mee who have been using iPhone for so many years. Admittedly, I didn’t feel like it own my phone until the past two weeks. I have been doing a lot of testing with the battery apps, cleaning apps, widgets, lock screen and lots and lots of other apps. The battery was amazing at one point and other times, dreadful. There was once where my Nexus 6P only last a good five to six hours. Now, with moderate usage, it easily lasts a day. I don’t think any of the battery apps helped at all. All they do is advertising and advertising. At one point, I was getting advertisement about fulltone fulldrive 2 equipment. It kept popping up when I was browsing. My Nexus 6P will always light up mysteriously only for me to find out that it’s advertisement.

Now, I just let Android manages everything without interfering it with additional apps. I just install the apps that I want to use instead of monitor the system. Having used Google Nexus 6P, I would say iOS and Android are both good in their own way. With the price of Google Nexus 6P, I am on the Android side. The build of the phone is great and comparable to other high end Android phones and I find it hard to justify why would there be other Android phones which cost more than Nexus 6P.

As of now, Nexus 6P is the end of its road. No more Nexus, out come Pixel. And I am a proud owner of the last Nexus.

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