Computer Setup

I finally managed to setup our computer table to how I want it. It is now running Lenovo X230 laptop with two 19″ monitors. I cleared the desk over the weekend just to make enough space for the whole installation. Initially, I had been wanting to install wall shelves above the computer table. In fact, we went to IKEA several times and bought a few types of wall shelves but we were not satisfied with all of them. First, we bought the KALLAX because I thought it is big and it can be used to store quite a lot of things. I assembled it and to our surprise, it actually overshadowed the computer table. Well, it goes to show that what looks good in IKEA, does not necessarily mean it will look good at home.

Next, we tried the smaller but more attractive Valje. It’s more expensive for sure but we managed to find some units in the bargain corner. It’s smaller than KALLAX but installation is hard work because they are separate box unit compared to KALLAX which is just one whole unit with multiple boxes. I assembled one and still, we thought it’s a little bit big.

Immediately after that, I thought why not just buy a document drawer unit since our sole purpose is to store documents. It will also save me from drilling holes on the wall. Our next visit to IKEA will be to return the shelves and just buy ourselves a document drawer unit.

Back to the computer table setup. During our last visit to IKEA, I used their IKEA family machine to see what’s on offer. A computer table caught my eyes and it was unbelievably cheap. The original price was over a hundred pound but on screen, it’s about twelve pounds. I did not believe it’s that cheap but still hold some hope that I might get myself a bargain. It will be perfect for my kind of setup. When we got to the table and furniture area, the price label showed otherwise. I have seen google images where people have two screens, a printer, a scanner, two PCs, multimedia speaker and even a presonus audiobox 1818vsl. That’s how big the table is. Anyway, we just have to make do with our Micke table where the design has been discontinued since it’s not worth buying another table just because I like it.

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