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Nightmare … s …

Phew, I have been busy since yesterday. I am trying to brush up my Access skills as I found out that I forgot a lot of the commands and workarounds. Luckily, I have been able to catch up. On the other hand, there are some SQL tasks that I need to finish it.

I am having the same nightmare for two nights. I don’t actually remember the story on Sunday night but I clearly remember yesternight’s. As usual, in dreams, you tend to have everything blurry. I was more like a third-person, watching a girl and her family living in horror. They were chasing something and I was together with the girl. I felt the grasp of my breath becoz we were like chasing for something all the time. And each time, we would find something, which I can’t remember, and the girl would cry desperately. There were a moment where we woke up from our sleep and found a corpse on top of a cupboard. The scene looked like my previous rented room where I mentioned in my previous post (Feng Shui) about the shaking door.

Come to think of it, I had typed the blog half way on Sunday and only to publish it on Monday. I would say that I kind of waste a lot of energy in that nightmare because I felt really tired after I got up from bed; but I did not wake up at any time of the dream until my alarm sounded.

I am now thinking whether I will have the same dream tonight. Anyway, there are too much things which cannot be explained. Some people are specialized in dream interpretation and of course I won’t be paying money for it. I googled and found Dream Moods.

I typed ‘Corpse’ for interpretation and it shows that I am unexpressive. I then typed ‘Chase’ and it shows that I am attempting to overcome a difficult goal or task or expressing some aggressive feelings toward other.

Hmm… I feel that it’s quite true. Unexpressive because I am very quiet at work. I just do my work all the time and only talk when they talk to me. Expressing aggressive feelings because of the problems with the new housemate as we do not have any meeting yesterday and we are quite disappointed with the landlord.

Bedroom Fengshui …

Feng Shui is something which I believe in. Not to the extend of obsessing it but believing that it could improve life. I used to rent a room while I was working in Malaysia. Among the rooms, I had bad experiences with two of them.

Some Experience
It was towards the end of the year and everyone was busy finishing up projects and preparing for exams. I was no exception but I was still active in college activities.

Thus, my normal time of working with my projects and studying for my exams would be the time where my housemates were sleeping. Furthermore, my computer was at the dining room, so, I would not disturb my roommate when I was doing my projects and stuffs. It was 4-5am that day. My eyes were heavy and I was struggling. Suddenly, I felt a chill and I looked behind me immediately. A cat was sitting behind me and staring at me; God knows how long.

I turned off my computer, chased the cat out of the house, switched off the lights, pulled the curtain and went upstairs, straight into my room. While I was about to go into the bathroom, I felt the door was shaking. I touched the door using my hands; because I thought it might be my imagination running wild, and it’s really shaking. I was scared and thus, went to sleep. Not long after I slept, I had a nightmare which pictured the exact situation I was in. I woke up, perspiring, when I tried to open the door in my dream. And the door was still shaking. Feeling scared, I just forced myself to sleep. It continued the next day but not the day after that.

Thinking back, I do not know why I never woke up my roommate the first night (he wasn’t in the room the second night). But days later, I told my other housemates and my experience seemed unreal to them when they started asking me about my roommate. Well, honestly, I do not know why I did not wake up my roommate!

This experience may be relevant to feng shui to the fact that I was sleeping with my feet pointing the wardrobe’s doors with a mirror on it.

I regretted for not opening the door. So, the truth is still out there.

After College
I still lived in the same house after I graduated and got my first job. I moved to another house, where I had my own room in a family house when I was in my second job. The room is big and a huge built-in wardrobe. During my first week, I kept having nightmare. And I often woke up in the middle of the night.

Thus, I started googling for ‘bedroom feng shui’ and found myself in a bad position in that room. The position of my bed was behind the toilet; which is bad. I slept directly under a beam; which is bad. I slept under the windows; which is bad. I found that it was almost impossible to find a good position in that room. Two third of the room is behind a toilet and one third is the door. The wardrobe is in-line with the door and the windows is opposite the wardrobe. The fan is in the middle of the room.

The best way to position my bed in that room, was to position it in a way which had the minimum bad factor. The black box in the picture below was how I position my bed. It might bring inconvenience but at least I didn’t get any nightmare thereafter.

Since I have my own bedroom now; after staying with my sis at Sutton for a year, I find that it is a nice square room with no beam or built-in wardrobe. Even though it has a big window, the furniture can still be position nicely. I did some googling the very first week in the room and found a site on ‘How to Map Your Bedroom with Feng Shui’. The guide is simple. Map your room into 9 squares with the door on the bottom line and I map mine as follow:

As according to the site, each square has its meaning.

Square 1 : Knowledge
Square 2 : Career
Square 3 : Helpful People/Travel
Square 4 : Family/Health
Square 5 : Tao
Square 6 : Creativity/Children
Square 7 : Wealth
Square 8 : Fame/Reputation
Square 9 : Relationships/Romance

In addition, there are also recommended objects for each area/square of the room. The first line is the recommended items while the second line is what we have.

Square 1

Bookcase, books, tools for development.
Mee’s wardrobe. Maybe I should place some books under the wardrobe, haha.

Square 2

Mirrors or water-related items.
We have a mirror, water filter and kettle.

Square 3

Pictures of helpers.
Our door with cloths hanging.

Square 4

Family photos, heirloom, plants.
Windows and nothing else.

Square 6

Art supplies, art work, computer.
My wardrobe.

Square 7

Money, jewelry, fish, fountains, anything red, purple or gold.
My wallet, watches and mobile.

Square 8

Candles, awards, plants, anything red, orange or purple.
The bed with red mattress cover.

Square 9

Round or oval mirrors, anything pink, pictures of loved ones, paired objects (like two candlesticks or two crystals)
Computer running Vista Slideshow pointing to our pictures folders, pink USB fan & light.

To be honest, we did not arrange our room according to the guide. It just happened to be like that when we first arranged the room. The reason of googling for bedroom fengshui was to avoid any mis-arrangement.

My Tasks List Explained -2-

Task 3

I had downloaded the latest version of Blue Soleil v5.05 software to support my bluetooth. I tried letting Vista to search for recommended driver or even on the web, but it couldn’t find any compatible driver. The first time I installed Vista (I said first time because the Vista I have now is the result of my fourth installation), it actually install the default driver because I plugged in the bluetooth dongle prior to the installation. However, this time, it jz couldn’t detect it.

I would say Blue Soleil v5.05 works pretty good with Vista.

Task 4
I found a better software through ipmart-forum which is called Salling Clicker. Downloaded it and will try it out tomorrow coz I’ve got Task 3 done.

Task 5
Decided not to upgrade PSP firmware after getting PSP forums users commented that it’s pointless to upgrade if the current firmware doesn’t give any problems.

Task 11

Ubuntu is a very popular version of Linux. I actually ordered it online for free before Christmas and it came last week. I will try it out after I finish Task 10 on Microsoft Virtual PC rather than having a separate partition.

Task 12

I’ve read articles on forcing incompatible pen drive to work in Vista ReadyBoost. but not on MP3 player. I tried it on Creative MuVo S200 but had difficulties finding the correct registry entry. Will try it again once I’ve done Task 10. Hope it does worked!

Link – My Tasks List 2008

Will there be peace? Ever? …

Everyone has different mindset, character and ways of analyzing things. I read an article before, saying that majority of human being are trying to make or influence other people to be like themselves in everyday life.

I believe it is quite true as in most occasions, I am trying to make Mee like me while Mee is trying to make me like her; especially when we are arguing. For some tasks, there may be a few different ways of performing it but we tend stick to our own way rather than listening or accepting others.

Hmm .. it’s getting complicated now. Anyhow, what’s the real peace when everyone is trying to make everyone the same? And it is where it becomes not at all possible! Well, for some of you may not agree with me but, try to observe.

Everyone is trying to reason their way out of something. I had heard thief who was caught by the security guard, and shouted that he never steals anything. People involved in car accidents but blaming victims for hitting the brake. People scratched others car but accusing the other for driving big car. These are minor things happening around us which show the anger and stubbornness of admitting their own mistake.

Countries going to war with other countries with the mission of bringing peace; as they claimed. Does it mean there’s only one thin line between war and peace?

War rocks peace. Why choose war instead of cooperate?

Of course we all pray for peace and harmony. But thinking back about my previous post regarding the balancing of the Earth; good and bad, life and death, it seems not possible. Minimizing the problems may seem to be the more appropriate act.

My Task List Explained -1-

In my mind, there are a lot of things which need to be done. And some of it, I have done half way. Guess that I will have to list them out and start getting the job done.

Task 1
I have recently bought Anti-Vibration pad from Maplin for £1.99. It is used to decrease the vibration between components (such as fan, hard disk, cd-rom) and screws. When I open up my casing, I find that my HDD is loose. Thus, I figure out that the vibration noise might have resulted from the HDD. I progress to put an Anti-Vibration pad between each screw and each component, even the Power Supply Unit (PSU) fan. Overall, some noise disappear while the main noise from the PSU is still clearly heard.

I believe that as my casing is Power Logic’s light-weighted micro-atx casing, it somehow unable to cope with the vibration causes by the moving fan of the PSU when the PC is switched on. The noise gradually reduced after sometime. Even so, it is impossible to leave my PC on overnight without disturbing our sleep.

Heavy casings have their advantage of keeping components firm and hence reduce vibration. As I brought my computer over the air from Malaysia, a heavy casing is definitely not suitable for my case. How about laptop, you might ask. As I like to play games and faster access, I prefer a desktop than a laptop. Moreover, I couldn’t afford high performance laptop.

Hmm… I am quite long-winded on this task. Well, the task which I haven’t done is to stuck some foam in between the PSU and my casing, so that the PSU will be hold firmly; which I hope that it will reduce the rattling of my PSU.

Otherwise, I will be looking towards an upgrade of my casing. Somehow, I prefer micro-atx than atx casing.

Attached image is the casing which I hope to get and it costs £39.99 without PSU. I believe I can get it cheaper somewhere else.

My PC Specifications
Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz HT
AS-Rock P4i65G Motherboard
XFX GeForce 6200A 256MB DDRII RAM 8X AGP
HDD 80GB and 40GB
External HDD 320GB
Asus P193W 19” LCD
A4 Tech Anti-RSI Keyboard
Labtec Wireless Mouse
Labtec 2.1 Speaker

It may not be the newer or fastest PC out there, but it serves me well. And it’s running on Vista Ultimate. I actually have it dual boot with Windows XP for troubleshooting purpose.

Task 2

I still have not setup my router. I have a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router where in the past, it was used for setting up internet connection at my sis’s place, for my PC, Mee’s laptop and my sis’s laptop. Now, I want to set it up for PC, laptop, PSP and Nokia E61.

It is quite easy to setup but the main problem is the shortage of plug points. Thus, before that, I will have to find a three-way plug.

Task 3

The bluetooth dongle has been abandoned for quite some time.

Task 4
I have a few things in mind about this task which is to setup remote control program on mobile phone to control PC using Bluetooth or Wireless connectivity. I have tried VNC before but I won’t be needing it. Anyway, I will have to accomplish task 3 first.

Task 5
Cleaning up PSP and install the latest custom firmware.

Task 6
Install Sony SonicStage software in order for me to transfer musics to Mee’s MP4 player and my MP3 player. The thing with our Sony player is that in order to transfer music, we need to use SonicStage. Just like iPod with iTune.

Task 7
Clean up my mobile MS Duo card as I have been using it as my portable drive previously.

Task 8
Setup Mee’s laptop with USB game controller and PSP’s Remotejoy and USBHostfx program so that I can play PSP games using USB game controller through laptop.

It works on PC. I tried it on Mee’s laptop before but it didn’t work. But I am going to try it again as I have installed a clean Windows XP.

Task 9
Cleaning up Nokia E61. I am currently on 3 network and it offers free Skype access for a month each time I top up. As far as I know, Skype does not have a program for mobile and it looks certain that I will have buy a Skype phone in order to test it which is impossible in my case.

Fring offers its user to login to Skype, MSN, ICQ such. I have Fring on Nokia E61 but never tested it with 3 sim card.

Task 10

This task will consume quite a lot of my time. Currently, Windows XP and Vista Ultimate are booting from 40GB HDD and I want to change it to the 80GB HDD as the latter performs better. As my purpose of having Windows XP is for troubleshooting, I think I should install Tiny XP because it uses not more than 200mb of HDD space.
Link – My Tasks List 2008

Bus-mates …

Just back from a meeting and it took almost three hours. Honestly, there are still lots of things to learn and understand.

Today, I missed the bus. A guy who usually wait for same  bus as me said, ‘Hey mate, We’ve missed the bus. I hope another one is coming soon.’ He sounds frustrated. Maybe he ran but still couldn’t catch the bus.

Well, normally, there will be a woman wearing pinky jacket, with pinky hat and pinky gloves, a school kid always zipped up his jacket up to half of his face becoz he is cold and a high school kid always in black, waiting at the same bus stop. So, when I see anything pinky when I walked towards the bus stop, I knew that the bus hasn’t come yet.

Reached the town centre, and most of the Christmas decorations have been removed except for two huge Christmas tree.