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iPhone 5 Case

Yes, I am still using my good old iPhone 5. I first bought it in 12th December 2012 and I have been using it since. In fact, iPhone 5 is the only mobile phone which I have owned and used the longest. Most of my mobile phones only last a year. Even the HTC Desire which was bought from new, lasted a year before I switch to iPhone 5. Even when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was announced, I wasn’t left wanting. Partly because I didn’t like iPhone 6 design at all. I might consider iPhone 7 when it arrives just because I like the number 7. But according to Apple’s trend, it might be iPhone 6S next rather than iPhone 7.

Anyway, I still like my iPhone 5. The case I had was a bit old and faded. It’s white and blue and the white is not that white anymore. Hence, I decided to look for a good case since I am not getting a new mobile phone and the prices for iPhone 5 cases should drop. I browsed and found Rock Royce iPhone 5 case. By the looks of the pictures, it looks really great. There are many youtube videos about it but they are for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, I did manage to find one eventually. Looking at ebay, the prices vary from a couple of pounds to 10 pounds. Most of the cheaper priced ones are from Hong Kong sellers and local sellers usually sell from five pounds onward. In the end, I bought one at six pounds.

Rock Royce iPhone 5 Case

The iPhone 5 case arrived a couple of days later. The packaging makes it looks like a premium product, not like some transparent plastic packaging with adhesive accompanied by low quality screen protector. The case itself fits nicely on my iPhone 5. It’s much slimmer than my previous case and it fits better and nicer on my hand. The picture attached is for iPhone 6 and it’s almost impossible to find one for iPhone 5. Well, the design is the same anyway apart from the volume and power buttons. The most noticeable different between this case and other lower value cases is the buttons. When using my previous case, it’s really difficult to press on the power and volume buttons. More often than not, I had to use my finger nail and pushed it hard. This new Rock Royce case makes it effortless. It feels like the buttons are part of iPhone 5.

Having said all that, the colored rim lacks a bit of quality especially the curved area. I do hope it lasts because it’s one of the best cases I had. However, only time will tell.


Organic is the word that Mee and I are looking for every time we do our food shopping. We are proud to say that we try to buy organic as much as possible. We have had our first organic vegetable bag order from a local farm this week and we are really feeling positive about it. However, one vegetable bag is not quite enough to cater for all the food that we eat. We still have do visit supermarkets to get the rest of our food. Tesco used to be our main shopping place but we find ourselves going to Sainsbury too mainly because Tesco has stopped some of its organic produce. I actually tweeted Tesco and I got a reply saying that their sales on organic produce has dropped by half and the management has decided to pull out some of the worst performed products. It doesn’t quite make sense to us as we would have thought that it should be more and more people buying organic produces.

A couple of months ago, we have bought a Samson masticating juicer. It’s one of those slow juicer which squeezes the fruits and vegetables to get the juices rather than using blades. It is suppose to be good and keeping all the nutrients in the juice. Just by saying that it’s healthier than normal juicer, they are of course more expensive. There are no covers for it, hence, I am trying to see if one of those mixer covers would fit. Again, those covers are not cheap too.

Organic lifestyle definitely has some effects on our bank balance. However, we feel it’s worth it since just by eating organic, we feel better already. In a way, we also help local farm. Organic sales in supermarket drops probably because more people are opting for vegetable bags and boxes from local farms.


With all the games playing, I still find time to watch movies. I have seen a few lately and I must say there were only disappointments and not surprises. Here I go, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. This is one of the must-see movies this year and it lives up to it’s first instalment’s reputation. The first one was great to watch and this one is equally impressive. In order to scare myself a little bit, I watched A Haunted House. All I can say about this movie is that it’s time wasting. Lucy is another movie with the same calibre as A Haunted House. The trailer looked good but after watching Lucy, I am sure it’s one of the many movies which has good trailer but rubbish film.

If I Stay is one of the movies that I have been eagerly waiting. It’s a movie starring Chloe Grace Moretz. She starred in the Kick Ass film and I love to watch her acting since. Well, not all of the movies that she starred in were great but I wasn’t disappointment after watching If I Stay. The only thing I would say is that they could have found a better lead actor in the movie.

Finally, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It is my all time favourite cartoon and I still remember talking with my friends at school about the cartoon and imagining which of the character we would want to be. I also remember watching the first ever Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. I got all excited but at that time, there were no CDs or DVDs. Movies are still on tape and for movies like TMNT where most of the time the characters are in sewer, most of the scenes were too dark to make out what’s happening. Now, the latest TMNT is out and after all these years, I am still very much excited by it. In fact, I was so excited that I was most disappointed by it after watching it from start to finish. It seems to have cramped the whole TMNT stories into one movie. Total failure!

Playing Games

Just when I thought I was a bit bored playing my Playstation 3, I started to search for my all time favourite game; Fifa. Well, I try not to spend a lot in games especially on new games like Fifa 15 which will cost a whopping £34.99. My second option is to look for previous version and pre-owned as well as research on the difference of the versions. Then, it came down to either Fifa 14 or Fifa 13 and they cost £12 and £3 respectively. Considering it’s only a year apart between the two, the pre-owned prices were so huge. After much consideration, I opted for Fifa 13 as it only cost £3. I don’t mind not having the latest rosters or the latest players in the team. As such, Fifa 13 works out great for me in terms of price and satisfaction. The only downside is it being Blu-Ray and it can get a bit noisy when the PS3 unit loads the game.

Not long after that, in fact, it was two days ago, there comes the Black Friday sale. Fifa 14 dropped to £10 but it didn’t bother me. It’s still more than three times more expensive than Fifa 13. However, something else caught my eyes, Grand Theft Auto 5. It dropped from £14.99 to £10 at the Game store. It was about £20 when I went to CEX, a shop specialises in pre-owned electronics and games. Without second thought, I bought it as I believe that it’s limited availability in terms of price and stock.

There I have, two of my favourite games, Fifa and Grand Theft Auto. They should keep me company for quite some time. I don’t think Fifa is a game that has an ending. Hence, even if I finished Grand Theft Auto 5, I will still have Fifa to keep me going.


Lots of things happened in the space of a month. Well, we now have an automated heating and hot water controller installed. It’s called the Hive Active Heating system. It consists of three pieces of hardware; a wireless receiver, a thermostat and a hub. And the whole system is controlled through an app. I have no complain so far except that we still feel the need to check if the boiler actually started when we switch on the heating or the hot water through the app. Unlike our previous system where we physically pressed a button in the airing cupboard and we could then hear the system started immediately as the water tank is inside the airing cupboard. The app itself is very intuitive but the only thing that I wished is to have more than two schedules per day. Anyway, the schedule still works better than the previous system as the previous system was either off or had to have two schedules for both heating and hot water.

I have finished painting the bathroom mirror frame and the bathroom closet. Well, the paint job is ugly if you look closely. I like to think of them as having unique features being imperfect. The previous color was dark brown and Mee and I decided to paint bright yellow. All I can say is that they brighten up the bathroom. Soon, we will have tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen too. We have bought the required tiles yesterday and now, we are just waiting for the builder to confirm a date. Everything is still in progress but I can wait to see the end results. By the way, I have also finished painting the room doors and the next project would be to paint the cupboard doors, electric room door and airing cupboard door.

The list is a bit long at the moment. I will also be painting the hallway as I am planning to make it a feature wall the moment we walk into the house. I hope it turns out as cool as I thought it would be.


Our last vacation wasn’t anywhere exciting. It’s Bali and it seems to have a reputation of one of the must visit places. Well, Mee and I have been there and back and it’s not really giving us any memorable events during our stay. We hired a tour guide for our whole four days in Bali and by the third day, we ran out of places to go and we didn’t even want to go out early in the morning. Our tour guide insisted that we start the journey around 9am so that we will get the value of our money back. If you ask my opinion about Bali, I don’t really know what to say. It’s a small island but travelling from places to places seemed to take a lot of time. The roads were narrow and I was impressed with the way the people drove. If that happened to be in Malaysia, I wondered how many times we had to get out of our vehicle to check for damage.

Mee and I are not beach persons. The last time we had a great time at the beach was when we were in Greece. Bali just didn’t excite Mee and me. Tourist area were also swarmed with local people trying to sell you things from fruits to raquel welch wigs. They will give you a fruit, say, a banana and they will say it’s free. Once you ate it, they will ask you to pay for the whole bunch. How cheeky! If we were to go back, I believe we will have the kind of vacation as most westerners had which is to book a hotel room by the beach and stay on the beach most of the time.

I really love to have a vacation where we can just rest and relax somewhere and not thinking about anything. Unfortunately, we are not that rich to be spending monies going abroad and doing nothing. At least we can now put a dot on Bali on our travel map.