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Mee had fallen in about two weeks ago. I had been busy taking care of her and she is recovering well. In fact, I am certain that she is fine now. It’s just that she hadn’t bee eating regularly and it’s only the last couple of days where she has really shown the sign of her normal appetite. We even bought a fairly expensive thermometer just to monitor Mee’s temperature as she wasn’t getting better from her fever of 38 to 39 degree Celsius. She’s been to the GP twice and the A&E once. Apparently, the doctors didn’t seem to be to concern about the fever. The last doctor we saw, he suggested Mee for a blood test in 10 days time and he also made sure that we have an appointment with him to look at the blood test results. I thought he was the nicest doctor we saw so far. Not that we saw a lot of doctors here, but he was very patient and not using the common sense attitude.

Since this little incident, we have been buying as many organic products as we can for our daily meals. We are also ditching our fruit juicer for a masticating juicer.  Masticating juicer is thought to be able to retain the nutrient and mineral of the fruits as well as getting the most juices out of the fruits.

At the back of my mind, there’s always the thought of what will happen when we live too cleanly. I would have thought a little bit of dirt is supposed to be good. When I was young, my digestive system wouldn’t work with oily food. I put it down to the fact that I always eat at home. As a family, we only went out for a meal probably no more than 10 times a year. When I left home for college, I was suffering from stomach pain the very first night. I couldn’t say that I am healthier but my digestive system is definitely better than before. Hence, eating too ‘cleanly’ or ‘organic’ is a bit worrying for me.


Don’t be mistaken the title keyboard to the computer keyboard. It’s the keyboard piano that I have been talking about since ages ago, or electric keys as some people might call it. Yeah, it’s still stashed away in one of our built-in cupboards. My initial imagination of how our house will look like seems to be still far away from reality. Until such time, the keyboard will still be in it’s current position. It’s summer now and I am hoping to get my lazy ass working. Oh no, the forecast stated that it’s going to be raining tomorrow and Sunday. I wonder how much work I can do on a Saturday.

My first task would be to sand the interior doors. I suppose I could paint them later as I still haven’t decided one the colour. I bet Mee will choose white but I don’t want the house to be too bland. Should the weather forecast changed, I still have tasks of clearing out rubbish which lives in the living room for far too long. That might leave some space in the leaving room the keyboard.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, the understair has been fitted with cupboards and there’s a space on the side to put more stuffs or in this instance, shoes. Yes, more shoes. I am struggling to find suitable cupboards that will fit into that space. However, I did read on the internet that extendable curtain rod can be used as shoe rack. Put two in parallel and they should hold the shoes. I looked on the internet and the cheapest I can find is £1.10 from Wilkinson. With two rods, I can have a row of probably 3 or 4 pairs of shoes. That’s not too bad. A stackable shoe rack from Ikea will cost £20. Apart from all these, I am also thinking about fitting a sliding bathroom door. I definitely need some help from a builder here. There’s the kitchen tap to change and I would love to upgrade our thermostat too. All this add up to certain amount of money and I hope they will be money well spent.

Online Banking

A lot of times, I read about wife as the person managing the finance and bills. I, on the other hand, am the one who manages the finance and bills in this household. I bet Mee doesn’t know a quarter of the bills that we have to pay. Thankfully, most of the bills are paid using direct debit. However, the direct debit comes out of different bank accounts and I need to make sure that the money is there at the beginning of each months.

In the past, I would have said no to online banking app. I do not trust the security and often the easiness to access my bank accounts using apps. I just felt that it’s vulnerable having that kind of access using my mobile phone which, touch wood, could be stolen at any time. How times change. I have three online banking apps for three different banks, of course. HSBC introduced a dongle type device to access online banking a while back to make the online banking more secure. However, when signing up for the HSBC app, I don’t have to use the dongle to access my bank account. In fact, I can even set a passcode which make access even straightforward and effortless. I wonder if that defeat the purpose of making online banking secure. I am not comfortable with using only a passcode to access my bank account, hence, I didn’t enable the feature. I would feel much secure if I had an iPhone 5S which uses the fingerprint.

Using app is so much easy when I want to transfer money between accounts. I can also keep track of my credit card spending. Having said that, Tesco credit card is my main credit card at the moment. The app is great but the transactions are not as up to date as logging in online. I hope that they can rectify that in the near future.

If only I can do blogging like I do with online banking.


Spotify has been around for quite a while and I haven’t managed to really use it until now. I was listening to the online radio the other day and suddenly decided that I had enough. Most of the songs were not what I wanted to hear and I soon got boring. That’s when I looked into Spotify and now, I have Spotify on my iPhone, iPad and PC. I haven’t got it on my mac though. Anyway, I now managed to create a playlist of my own and play it wherever and whenever I want.

A flaw that I discovered just after 5 minutes of using Spotify is that it doesn’t have a good collection of Japanese music. I was looking for Ayumi Hamasaki and I couldn’t find any. Chinese songs are easy to find though.

Mee and I were looking at one of Argos offers; Sony micro hi-fi at £79.99. My plan is to have a hi-fi where we could use the AUX in to play Spotify or any music from USB. Hence, we decided to buy the Sony micro hi-fi the next time we are in town but upon checking on the stock availability on the internet, the nearest store with stock was in London. Well, I believe that’s always the case with Argos. Good value stuffs are always out of stock. Now, I am in the hunt for a wifi speaker or another good value micro hi-fi system. Ultimately, I would prefer a micro hi-fi system with wifi capability but it’s going to cost a bit more than I would like to spend. I have good hope though as it’s the end of the year and there are bound to be some good value micro hi-fi system coming up on sale soon.

Not Too Long

Well, it doesn’t seem to be that long since I last posted something here. A lot of things have been going on and I just hasn’t got the time or mood to post. I thought it must have been about six months since I last posted. Surprisingly, it’s not even two months. With all the gadgets that I have, I seem to have become less excited in blogging.

When I first started blogging with just shared computer, I wish that I could have a laptop. When I finally have enough money to buy a netbook, which was great for blogging by the way, I still failed to blog more often. Not long after, I complained about my netbook being slow. Well, it’s more about Windows being slow rather than the netbook itself. I bought a MacBook Air. It starts up in less than 5 seconds and I still failed to update my blog as much as I like.

Then another question popped up. It would be great to have an iPad. It’s portable and WordPress has an app for it. It will be faster than my MacBook Air. Posting from an app, how cool would that be at that time. Still, it’s no answer to my blogging habit. In fact, I don’t think I ever posted anything using my iPad.

Another question popped up. iPad doesn’t have a 3G connection. That means I cannot post anywhere I like. My HTC I just too slow. I have to have an iPhone. I bought one. The worst case now is that I post less and less with all the gadgets I have. Maybe blogging is an excuse for me to get new gadgets? To be quite honest, I am not sure what other gadgets I can get now by using blogging as an excuse.


Mee and I are living in our home for half a year now. We met our neighbours a few times and all we said are mostly greetings and no more. I am not sure if I wanted the relationship to be more than that. It will be nice to talk more but at the same time, when we are at home, we prefer some time of our own. Sadly, we work during weekdays and gym on weekends. The time that we are at home is really the time that we want to enjoy on our own. Our neighbours, on the other hand, stay at home most of the time. Well, I am just talking about the two neighbours next door. The other neighbours who live near us, we do not have much contact with them at all. In fact, we don’t really see them much at all. It’s either they are home first, or us.

Last Saturday though, I was out watering the garden and coincidentally, our next door neighbour was using this dog dewormer on his dog. Bear in mind that one of our garden fences is only a foot tall. Hence, we can easily see what each other is doing. I guess there are good and bad having a shorter fence. We could look after each other as long as the relationship is good. Therefore, I believe that we can maintain a good relationship by not having too much conversation. Mind our own business, I think.