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Engine light illuminating again

Very soon, my car will be sent to a workshop. The engine light has illuminated again. I ran the code check myself through the dashboard and it was showing a code of P151 (or something like that). When I googgled for the code, it said something about the oxygen sensor indeed. Just like what I was told previously when I sent my car to the college’s workshop when the engine light first illuminated few months ago.

I believe that I will still send it to the college’s workshop since the charges will be lower but I wonder if they could finish the job in one day. No doubt, my car will be lifted up by hydraulic floor jack and I just hope that changing oxygen sensor will not be a tedious job.

Servicing and MOT

I am really looking forward to the servicing and MOT-ing of my car tomorrow. Well, that will be the first service and MOT since I bought the car back in July 2008. A whole seven months and I have never driven a car for that long time until a service is needed. When I was working in Malaysia, I had to service the car I was driving about every 4 months and the shortest being 2 months.

At the moment, I know nothing about the condition of my car but I will, after tomorrow. I am taking it to one of the main Ford dealers thinking that it would be better handled. Part of the reason is also the promotion that ends tomorrow. Next time, I believe that I will be looking for independent garages unless main Ford dealers have better offers.

The main difference between independent garages and main dealers is the equipment. Main dealers normally have proper car lifts, better knowledge on specific type of cars, better time management and most definitely, the parts they provide will be the certified ones. Indeed, the charges are sometimes shocking but I believe that it is kind of worth it if you can afford it. Independent garages rely on trust and the relationship but you never know that you might find a good deal with the main dealers.

Vacation time

This is the time of the year. Some of my colleagues have planned their holidays during Christmas. We have about a week’s holiday and some of them choose to celebrate Christmas at places other than UK. One of my colleagues is going on a tour to Caribbean Islands and ‘pirates’ is the word that comes to my mind when I heard ‘Caribbean’. However, I dare not to ask her about it.

Even my landlord had gone to Spain last Christmas and I wonder if he will go again this time. Besides Spain, I also heard some of them are going to Italy, France and even Outer Banks, North Carolina (picture above, from National Geographic). It seems like this credit crunch season does not affect them at all.

Make your own products easily!

Most people like to dream. Mee and me too. When you dream, you always want to dream big and ambitious because we have nothing to lose. In the past, I thought that I could setup a computer company that offers various types of services such as selling computers, setup networking, hostings, web designing and support of computer problems. As time goes, it seems that everyone is doing that kind of services.

Now that I am blogging all the time, I thought of creating my very own brand. Of course, that brand will be myi4u. How wonderful it will be if I could have products such as bags, T-shirts, thumb drives, toys and the likes with printed myi4u logo on it? Well, it is not a dream anymore. USImprints will print any logo on any types of products they offered. Do not make any guess until you visited the site. The range of products is almost unimaginable. You name it, they have it. Now, you can have their promotional items with your business logo on it for as low as $0.47. All products come with free shipping. Dream?