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Sony Playstation Store …

Since purchasing PS3, I find that every month, there will be some games on sale. Some games can be really cheap. The one that I notice this month is Grid 2. I was selling at £47.99 before this and now it dropped to £8.15. I just thought why drop so much? It doesn’t happen very often but so far, there will be one or two games that have the price dropped by such a huge margin. Sometimes, you can pick up a game for as little as £3. In my opinion, it’s better to download the games rather than having piles of Blu-Ray discs laying around. I have two discs that come free with my PS3. I might get another one or two just because I have the HMV vouchers to spend on. Unfortunately, February sale doesn’t excite me. I already have Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Driver which I believe are much better games than Grid 2. Well, any games with an open world is always better.

Surprisingly, I haven’t had the urge of getting Fifa. I played Fifa many many years ago. I believe the first Fifa I played was Fifa 1996 on my computer. I stopped a few series in between and also switched from computer to PSP. Now that I have PS3, I will definitely get Fifa when it becomes cheap. While the gameplay has improved tremendously since 1996, I do believe that Fifa 1998 is the best! Some people play Fifa and hoping for the gameplay to be good but Fifa 1998 is just so much fun. It’s not realistic at all but who cares? Gaming is supposed to be fun! Who wants to be playing a game with a character like themselves?

iPhone Battery Case …

I recently bought an iPhone 5 battery case, or in a more recognisable phrase, power bank. When I was back in Malaysia several months ago, power bank was kind of a hot issue. One of my friends told me that he was at a computer exhibition some time ago and almost all the stores were selling power banks. Hence, I started looking for one after I came back to UK.

Apparently, most of these power banks are made in China, no surprise. Companies would just buy them in bulk and slap their logo. Considering there are many dodgy products which are made in China, I am very wary of what I am buying, especially batteries.

In the end, I saw one at Sports Direct last weekend. It’s the type that I would prefer, a case with rechargeable battery source. However, I never heard of the brand before. After a few minutes consideration, I bought one. I have charged it twice now and it seems to be working as expected. I don’t need a huge amount of power. I just need something that would make my iPhone 5 last for a day. Two days later, Mee bought one too. Unfortunately, it wasn’t suitable for her iPhone 5S. When connected, her iPhone 5S actually prompted saying that the device is not supported. How weird and surprise at the same time!

Eye Test …

It’s been ages since I last did my eye test. Something prompts me to do one now even though I believe that my eyesight is still good. My manager does his eye test every two years and he also suggested me to do one since I haven’t done one for so long. I think it’s a good idea anyway. What’s better is that I don’t have to pay anything using my company’s voucher. It’s one of the staff benefits which I should have used it long time ago. Along with the free eye test, my colleague also gave me a few vouchers if I happen to need to get prescription. I don’t think I will need a prescription though I believe that they will try to sell me VDU if they knew that I am a web developer. I can’t imagine wearing glasses as I don’t think it will look nice on me. I do wear sunglasses but that’s different in my opinion.

I got Mee her voucher too since she is not working this week. She used to wear glasses but stops for a long time now. Her eyesight is not better than mine and I am just not sure her reason of not wearing glasses. Anyway, an eyesight test this weekend shall reveal if her eyesight has improved all these years.

Vacuum Cleaner …

Our months old Argos vacuum cleaner has died. I think we only had it for four months, bought used from our ex landlord for £10. We can’t really complain too much about it and so far, we had used it for like less than 10 times. So, it’s about £1 once. Thinking about it, it’s kind of expensive too. Anyway, we shopped around since it died and we decided to just get Dyson even though it’s more expensive than other brands. To cut the cost down, we plan to use some vouchers as well. We have about £50 worth of vouchers and the Dyson vacuum cleaner that we are looking at is about £199.99.

Initially, I thought about getting Vax vacuum cleaner but the reviews are mostly mixed. Some people are happy about it while some, are not too happy. It goes the same for Dyson although there are less people who are dissatisfied about the product. Well, I told to myself, I have tried the cheapest vacuum cleaner and it’s rubbish. Now, I am going to purchase an expensive one. If it’s still rubbish, I will just go for the mid range ones. In fact, the Argos vacuum cleaner was quite good but it gets heat up easily. Cleaning it is not easy either. We looked at some vacuum cleaners on display at Currys store last weekend and they are well made and easy to clear the wastes. Most modern vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters, which the Argos one doesn’t have. I am sensitive to dust and I do hope that HEPA filter will make a little difference when I get the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Second Bedroom

Our second bedroom is still quite messy. It’s not in any state to have a mattress put in. We bought a foam mattress from IKEA clearance a couple of months ago and right now, it is under our mattress. We will only get it out if we have visitors. Otherwise, it will stay where it is. Even if we had cleared our second room, there’s no reason for us to put it there anyway. It will just be collecting dusts.

The bedroom is currently part storage, part wardrobe, part shoe storage and part cloth drying. We haven’t done our under stairs area and even if we do, I doubt we have enough space to accommodate Mee’s collection of shoes. After so many months, the room is still in progress. Even our living room is still quite in progress. We managed to get a display cupboard in last week from IKEA. And I must say since then, the living room is coming together very well.

Malaysia trip …

I didn’t mention a lot about my last trip to Malaysia. It was kind of busy and I was very busy at work too. I didn’t get the excitement of going back home. It felt like just going for a holiday. I am not sure why I have that kind of feeling. A lot of my colleagues were asking if I were excited. Hmmm…. I was not sure how to response to that because I didn’t feel excited. It’s almost felt like a routine although it’s been almost three years since Mee and I went back to Malaysia. For some reason, I was glad that I am back to UK; going back to my house and work.

Anyway, on our flight back to UK, someone took out a packet of durian and started eating. The moment he opened the container, we smelt durian. When confronted by the air stewardess, he said he didn’t know it’s durian. How could anyone buy something that they don’t know about? Especially it’s for consumption!!! Moments later, the none smoking signs were in red and the captain announced to remind everyone that smoking is illegal. It seemed like someone was smoking in the toilet. However, there were no more announcement after that. I am really surprised that in this day and age, there are still ill-considerate people in an airplane. I suppose flying has become more and more affordable nowadays.

The airline we flew with was Emirates. We kind of decided not to go for it anymore. It’s not because of those small incidents. It’s because Mee didn’t like the seats as they were too straight and the cushions were like very hard.