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Fitness Band

Before, I was not interested in fitness band at all. It was until recently, the week leading to Black Friday sales to be precise, when I saw the Fitbit Flex 2 on a 50% discount. I started to read its specifications and discovered a silent alarm feature. It is actually quite a simple function where it vibrates to wake you up. To tell you the truth, I have been carrying my phone to sleep; set it to aeroplane mode, set and mute the alarm so that it only vibrates. Well, I have a 5.7″ Nexus 6P and it is not really an ideal alarm clock to be carrying while I sleep.

Fitbit Flex 2
Fitbit Flex 2

At 50% discount, the Fitbit Flex 2 is still quite expensive at £30 – £40. It does not have a screen and only a number of LED lights as indicators. Hence, the search for the cheapest and best fitness band begins.

It’s around Black Friday period when I started looking for any deals. I thought there would be a lot but there were not. Withings had a few Fitness watch products on sale and they were still quite expensive to me, priced at more than £70. The best price was their Withings Pulse OX at £40, which was at 50% discount. I always quite like Withings products as I thought they are quite innovative. At one point, I almost bought their Withings Home Network Surveillance Camera. I considered for a long time and finally decided that we do not actually need it.

Withings Pulse OX
Withings Pulse OX

Anyway, my purpose of having a fitness band is to wear it almost 24/7 and utilises the sleep tracking function. So, wearing Withings Pulse OX while at sleep does not seem like a good idea as it looks quite bulky. Hence, the search goes on.

I know that my brother has just got a new Xiaomi Mi Band which is like the Fitbit Flex and it is a lot cheaper than Fitbit Flex. I then started to search for Chinese fitness band products. There are lots of them. It turns out that they have launched a new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 back in June.  It is a basically like a Xiaomi Mi Band with a screen and enhanced Heart Rate monitor.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi products are not officially sold in UK. The easiest way to find them is through eBay and Amazon. However, it is difficult to find trusted seller as there are already fake Mi Band products in the market. Basically, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is priced around £30. It could be cheaper on China’s official websites but there could be tax added when the item arrived in the UK.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Xiaomi Mi Band 2

I believe this Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is actually what I want. It is cheap and it is small and it should be quite comfortable to wear it in bed. I have been watching reviews and most of the reviewers commented that they did not even feel like they were wearing it after some time. I shall do a little bit more research into Xiaomi Mi Band 2 although I am quite certain this will be the product for me, unless Fitbit magically reduces all its products to half price or more.

Clearing spaces

Mee and I have been living in the current house for more than a year now. It’s still far away from how I would like it to be. Moving from a rented room to a two bedroom house should be quite easy in terms of the things that we have. However, it’s unimaginable that stuff we had when we were in our rented room could almost fill up the house. Recently, I bought some loft panels and tidied up the loft. It now has a lot more spaces and I have put a lot of stuffs in the loft, still, it doesn’t seem to create more spaces for us. Maybe we need to seek for some expert advice in terms of interior design.

The piano keyboard that we have is now stuffed away in one of the cupboards. I don’t suppose we have the time to play it anyway. I am thinking of putting it up in the loft. Some of my friends told me to sell it on or see MF for some ideas. Well, I better ask Mee first before I do anything with it. After all, she was also behind the idea of getting the keyboard in the first place.


Organic is the word that Mee and I are looking for every time we do our food shopping. We are proud to say that we try to buy organic as much as possible. We have had our first organic vegetable bag order from a local farm this week and we are really feeling positive about it. However, one vegetable bag is not quite enough to cater for all the food that we eat. We still have do visit supermarkets to get the rest of our food. Tesco used to be our main shopping place but we find ourselves going to Sainsbury too mainly because Tesco has stopped some of its organic produce. I actually tweeted Tesco and I got a reply saying that their sales on organic produce has dropped by half and the management has decided to pull out some of the worst performed products. It doesn’t quite make sense to us as we would have thought that it should be more and more people buying organic produces.

A couple of months ago, we have bought a Samson masticating juicer. It’s one of those slow juicer which squeezes the fruits and vegetables to get the juices rather than using blades. It is suppose to be good and keeping all the nutrients in the juice. Just by saying that it’s healthier than normal juicer, they are of course more expensive. There are no covers for it, hence, I am trying to see if one of those mixer covers would fit. Again, those covers are not cheap too.

Organic lifestyle definitely has some effects on our bank balance. However, we feel it’s worth it since just by eating organic, we feel better already. In a way, we also help local farm. Organic sales in supermarket drops probably because more people are opting for vegetable bags and boxes from local farms.

TiVo box

I still remember the first thing I said when we first got our TiVo box. I said that the recording functionality is something that will be useless to me. To date, I have used up to 70% of the hard disk space of 500GB. I have to delete some recorded shows once a while just to have more space to record some other shows. At one point, I used up to 90% of the hard disk space and it made the whole TiVo box navigation sluggish.

Actually, I have a habit of recording shows and watch later. That way, I can skip all the advertisement. Depending on the time of the show, some advertisement like the payday loan and insurance can be so annoying. At times, they are more about upcoming shows or denon at guitar center or sale. Anyway, I still prefer skipping all the advertisement and continue watching a show. Sometimes, I don’t even know why I am recording shows that I already have on my portable hard drive. I guess I can access them easier with TiVo.

The Invention of Lying

Just been watching The Invention of Lying. How nice would it be in a world where everyone will be honest. There will be no reason to hide anything and everyone will be straight to the point. We don’t always have to guess what people are saying too. Or is it really good? Will people become more stressed by speaking the truth all the time? What happens if someone keeps telling another person that he or she is not doing good enough? Will it work as a push or will it make people more depressed? It’s hard to imagine a world of honesty, I guess.

Well, five minutes before The Invention of Lying finished, the Tivo box display a message that the channel may be off air and contact the virgin media team if necessary. It’s on ITV and I kind of believe that it’s ITV error as it usually does. A couple of minutes later, it was showing some advertisement about exciting gretsch guitars at guitar center. The next minute, the Tivo hung and I have to reboot it now. I don’t quite understand why this Tivo box takes ages to start up while my old box took just a minute or two. Tivo may have more functionalities but it’s a product that has been around for ages. Surely it can do better than that.