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I tried to apply for a new credit card and the system kept saying that I already have another card with them. The fact is that I have already cancelled my old card. Things are never that straightforward when it comes to bank. Hence, I have to go to the bank this weekend. While at the town centre, Mee and I will be going to look at curtain rod as well. We finally bought a set of net curtain during our last visit to IKEA. The net curtain is so huge that we can cut it into half and use it for both set of windows. So far, we have hung one already. Mee will be sewing the other one and if we managed to find a suitable curtain rod this weekend, we shall be able to finish our little project.

In the meantime, we have received one of our two sets of vouchers. I should hope to receive the other set so that we could buy our vacuum cleaner this weekend too. Hmm…. it’s going to be a busy weekend. My colleague has also been talking about checking out the excellent korg kronos equipment this weekend at her local store. She seems quite excited when talking about it. I wonder how many music equipment she has at her home.

Purchase Power

Sometimes, I find myself always try to find something to buy. I am not sure why. It’s like the need to go out and spend some money. When I finally got out there, I didn’t spend at all because I couldn’t find something that I want. Or I have no purpose to make a purchase. I do feel quite excited now because I will be purchasing a new vacuum cleaner soon. Having something to buy is almost like something to look forward to.

My manager seems to be buying something every month. He bought a PS4 just few days ago and he got himself a Digitech Effects for his birthday last week. He has also bought a new Porsche recently and will be getting it at the end of March. How cool is that?! I wish I have that kind of money to spend. I would prefer to save the money though. To make myself feeling better, my PS3 is enough for me and I treat car as liability.


Mee and I signed up on a few survey companies and the rewards are that we can convert points to vouchers. Some surveys pay quite well while some, it took a while to accumulate the points. I guess it’s always good to earn some cash by just answering a few questions. Like in my previous post about my vacuum cleaner, I will be buying Dyson vacuum cleaner using some of the vouchers that Mee and I accumulated. Without these vouchers, we will really need to think hard on whether or not to purchase a vacuum cleaner with a price tag of £199.99.

At the moment, we also have £20 worth of HMV vouchers. Some people may say that they will have no problems spending them in HMV but Mee and I are struggling to find something in HMV. I watch movies but I don’t like to collect the DVDs. I am tempted to buy Blu-Ray discs to see how good they are but I am thinking it’s just a waste of money. I saw some keyboards, though I am moderately interested in keyboards, I saw some better deals on some great yamaha keyboards ydp 142 at guitar center. I browsed some PS3 games and most of them are quite expensive. By having the £20 vouchers, I don’t intend on spending more than that. God of War: Ascension, one of my favorite games, has caught my attention. It’s pre-owned, costing £12.98. That’s not too bad considering a new one will cost £13.99 from Amazon and £29.99 from Playstation Store, bearing in mind that I can use a £10 voucher.

I may have also mentioned that I am playing Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning at the moment. Having played every God of War PSP series, Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning can be quite boring at times. After watching God of War: Ascension gameplay on Youtube, I am even more determined to get it. Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning is not in the same league.


When I was young, there was this square big box; black base with a clear plastic cover. Above the black base, there was a round plate which could be turned in circle. And then there’s a steel stick coming out from the side. It can be put on top of the round plate or pushed out of the way. It’s always connected to the power source. When switched on, the round plate just went round and round. My brother and I always liked to put toys above the round plate and watched the toys going round and round.

One day, my dad went to town and came back with a thing like a needle but shorter. He walked towards the big box and attached the needle to the steel stick. From one of the cupboard drawers, he picked up a vinyl and put it on the round plate. Then he just drew the steel stick to the far side of the vinyl and carefully let the needle touch the vinyl. While the round plate circling with the needle on top of the vinyl, it started playing music. It sounds beautifully. It turned out that my dad has been looking for the needle for ages. And it’s not cheap too. It’s not Numark turntables but the music it played was still mesmerizing. There are plenty of USB turntables on sale where it allows you to transfer vinyl to computer but I doubt the sound is any good.

Tomorrow’s plan

Our toilet bowl doesn’t seem to flow smoothly at the moment. I wanted to pump it just now but the pump that we have isn’t big enough. Tomorrow, we will be going to town centre to find some alternative of unclogging the toilet bowl. Right now, I am thinking about chemical products where we can just pour straight into the toilet bowl. That would be quite nice without having to do a lot of physical work.

Thinking about it, I haven’t been to the town centre for a while now. Mee doesn’t like to go during the weekend because it’s always crowded and also she has to go pass it everyday to take a bus home. Each time, I will always think about Dawson, the music store. It has magically stopped sending me any brochures or emails. Instead, I received a classic epiphone ej-200 at guitar center brochure which I never heard of before. Has Dawson changed its name? Well, I shall find out tomorrow then!

Work stuffs

The company has just announced a salary increment from January but unfortunately, I am not eligible. I can’t really complain too much as at the moment, it seems like having a job is more important than anything else. In addition, there hasn’t been any increment for the past couple of years and there has been quite a lot of people made redundant. Having said that, a lot of those staffs who were made redundant have amazingly come back to work again. It’s hard to determine how these stuffs work.

Come Monday, there will be new equipment like the tascam at Guitar Center to boost the college’s music courses. I have been to the music room and to be honest, it doesn’t wow me. Most of the rooms are quite small and dark. That’s not really a good way to attract students. However, we would hope that the new equipment could be the talking point and then boost the interest of students in that department.