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A break

Friday always has some weird things happened. Just 30 minutes before the end of work, the alarm sounded and everyone had to stand in the rain while the estates did the check. Someone pressed the wrong button while trying to open a security door. I am not sure if that’s the problem by design or the problem with the person who pressed the wrong button. Why would the alarm button be installed just next to the door release button. Some emergency door release button looks exactly the same like the alarm button. You can never understand how some people work.

One of my colleagues bought a schecter bass guitars at Musicians Friend and she brought it in today to show us. That’s another good use on the 30 minutes, looking at a guitar. To think that she always says that she has no time to do her stuffs, it’s just a bit unbelievable that wasted her time with that. Well, who am I to criticise my colleague anyway. Some people need a break from work and it’s not healthy to just keep working non-stop anyway.

Long hours

At the moment, I have to work late every other Wednesday. I believe that I have mentioned it before. It’s the advice and guidance session where tutors will be giving advice to potential students coming to the college. It used to be two sessions but there has been an added session to cope with the number of applicants. It’s good in a way that more learners will mean more income but we have to stay a bit late. It used to be my manager and me but now, we feel that one of us staying would be enough. To be honest, most of the time, I will be just monitoring the whole situation. The contingency plan is easy, use paper to record instead of typing on a laptop.

I kind of like to be there but on the other hand, it’s a long day to be working. We always sit in our office and not going around much to know other staffs. It’s a good chance for us to communicate with other staffs and get to know them better. When a relationship is established, it’s much easier to discuss about things and issues.

The previous session saw a company working for present to promote their tools as well as giving introduction to their plan on recruiting apprentices. It was welcomed by the staffs as apprenticeship programmes seem to be quite popular at the moment. The idea of working while studying is quite good as experience is always better than having lots of qualifications.


At times, I think of myself as a perfectionist but I don’t do things perfectly. It’s confusing but the perfectionist part is just in my mind. Implementing it is another question. At work, I am a web programmer. I try to do things the best I can. However, as I am typing my blog post right now, and I am looking at WordPress interface, I can’t help but impressed with the programmer. I don’t think I have the ability to create something like this. Having said that, WordPress definitely has more than one programmer. Some of the functions look simple but as a programmer myself, I know that it’s not that easy to implement them efficiently and seamlessly. For example the auto saving. When I was using flatpress, there were many times I accidentally press the back button or click any other buttons that eventually refreshed the page and I lost the stuffs that I typed. When using WordPress, I don’t have to worry about it. A draft copy is save frequently and the saving doesn’t affect me while I am typing away.

Several years ago, I tried to implement something similar on the college website but I failed miserably. If I were to try it again now, I believe that I will be able to succeed. To be honest, when I look back at some of the codings that I had done before, I always wish that I could have the time in the world to rewrite them. But as my manager always says, rewriting the code to make it more efficient but user may not gain any improvement.

Another thing that I like to know more about is the theme. I saw a website about michael kelly guitars at guitar center and the theme looks really nice. It’s either a custom theme or paid theme. Anyway, it’s all about guitar and as much as I like it, I don’t think it will suit my blog.

Playstation accessories

Ever since I bought Playstation 3, I think game almost everyday. I suppose it’s quite normal considering I am half-gaming person. As soon as I bought it, I was already thinking about the accessories, particularly Playstation Move and the steering wheel. After much consideration, I decided not to buy those extra accessories. There are not many games that utilises Playstation Move. I love to play racing games but the steering wheel seems a bit awkward to play with. I am playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted at the moment and the Playstation DualShock 3 Controller does the work with no problem at all.

On the other hand, it’s not that easy trying to find Playstation 3 accessories. Even on eBay, there aren’t many. When I search for Playstation 3 accessories, I get all headphones especially vic firth headphones. I thought about getting headphones as well but to be honest, I doubt I will be playing a lot online. I did play Need for Speed: Most Wanted with other online players once but it didn’t excite me enough to go back in again.


Ever since Mee and I bought this house, we have been going to Screwfix and Toolstation to look for tools that we need to use to improve our home. We spent quite a bit in those two shops either online or in store. I was kind of surprised that everyone who bought an item will need to be their member. This is to protect the customer in case the item bought is not suitable or customer loses their receipts. On the other hand, my mailbox has been bombarded by their weekly sales, or monthly promotion. Curiously, I started getting emails from other competitors too. I even received an email regarding amt pumps at Hmm… I never bought a pump from either of those two stores and I don’t think that really cater to my needs. Anyhow, I plan on unsubscribing those emails as I only look items up when I need them.

Stocking up lingerie

One of the things that Mee and I always do when we go back to Malaysia is buying lingerie and mens underwear. It’s not exactly expensive to buy lingerie or underwear in UK but in Malaysia, there are some familiar brands that I like or designs that Mee like and can’t be found in UK. Brands like Renoma and Hush Puppies are the ones that I would normally go for. Mee on the other hand, only chooses Triumph. Although Triumph has stores in UK, the designs and styles target more to UK market rather than South East Asia market.

On our last trip back to Malaysia, we bought more than usual. In return, we got special discounts, vouchers and a lucky draw. The vouchers were no use to us as it only valid for a month or so. We would have been back in UK by then. The lucky draw though, got us a bit excited. After we paid for the purchase, we followed the linked on the draw. When clicked, it stated click here for lingerie. Well, it’s not really a draw then, it’s just another trick to get you to buy online. We asked the customer service but no one seemed to know true meaning of the draw. Well, we do know the meaning of it, it just doesn’t make sense.