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Radio Frequency Identification

A while ago, I received my Amazon credit card and PayPal credit card. They both come with contact-less payment feature but I have yet to test that out. I did say that I want to try it out the next time I visit McDonald’s but I never do it. Never did I know that people can steal information from the radio frequencies that the cards emit. I just thought the added functionality could make life a little bit easier as making payments of under £15 is as easy as touch and go. Now, in order to prevent theft through these contact-less credit cards, companies have started producing rfid blocking wallets, cell phone bags, passports and more. Some of you may ask why cell phones or passports. In countries like Japan and South Korea, they already have the technology where payments can be made by cell phones. It’s here in Europe but it is not widely use. As far as I know, most cell phone manufacturers are already going into the cell phones contact-less payment direction. In some countries, passports have embedded chips and the chips contain all the personal information. Imagine if those information falls into the wrong guy without even the need to touch you! It’s unbelievable but the more these contact-less technology becomes popular, the more risk we get from using it.

Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast Cancer Foundation
Breast Cancer Foundation

Every year, my colleagues will make an effort in participating a breast cancer foundation walk. Prior to the day of the walk, they will ask for donations either by cash or on the web. The breast cancer foundation walk was over for this year and Mee and I did donate some money to one of our colleagues. On that day itself, they will all be wearing pinks. Some people would just wear a simple pink colour shirt or dress while some would make extra effort in wearing pink accessories or tiaras and etc. It’s all good fun I believe, as well as raising money for the breast cancer foundation. Next year, I might introduce them to this website called CafePress which sells all sorts of breast cancer t shirts and merchandise. It’s never a bad idea to have more choices especially web prices are a lot better and you do get to see many items at once. Right now, CafePress even has 40% sales on some merchandises without even the need of a coupon.

In addition to the sales, CafePress is also donating 10% to on sales of products which have a ‘BCA2011’ tag from 15th September 2011 to 31st October 2011.

Good stuff out of junk

Ever since Mee and I bought our first travel insurance during our trip to Amsterdam, I reckon that we will be doing the same thing for all of our future trips. Considering that many countries are now so unpredictable, both economy and politic, it’s best to travel with an insurance rather than not. However, soon after we bought our second travel insurance from the trip to Greece, I start to receive more and more mails regarding all sorts of insurance, including emails of course. The tick of not agreeing on receiving third party information seems to work programmatically but not in reality. On the other hand, out of those emails, I do realise that there are some sites that compare cd type annuities instead of having to browse individual sites for information which can be quite time consuming.

Sometimes I just feel that internet is overloaded with tons of information but only a few of them are worthy to note. Take twitter for example, I get hundreds of new tweets every minute and to be honest, there will only be a couple of good ones. Junk mails are not necessary junk to me. They contain some good stuffs too but only if you have the time to browse them through.

Fresh new look!

It has been a long week. My work on moving from Flatpress to WordPress is considered successful and almost complete now. I have moved all the posts here including the pictures which is good. I still need to tweak this new WordPress thingy to be how I wanted it to be. The plugins available are great to use but somehow, there are too many to choose from. I have to test out a few before finally deciding which one to use. I still quite like the idea of editing to code as most of the plugins do not do exactly what they claim to be doing. For example, I tried out several Google Adsense plugins but none of them does exactly what I want especially the positions of the ads. I am better off placing my Google Adsense code rather than having to rely on the plugins. I have also started exploring Chitika but so far, I feel that having too many ads just make my blog looks complicated and difficult to read. At one point, Chitika was displaying paramedic jobs advertisement where I never really blog about recently.

Furthermore, I really need to seriously think about what I want to blog here. At the moment, my posts’ topics are too wide. I am glad that it still ranks two in Google pagerank. However, I do believe that I can do better now that I have a dedicated web host in addition to using WordPress. Thus, the single most important way to improve this blog is to focus on something more specific to write about. Until I can find that ‘something’, I will still blog freely!