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With all the games playing, I still find time to watch movies. I have seen a few lately and I must say there were only disappointments and not surprises. Here I go, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. This is one of the must-see movies this year and it lives up to it’s first instalment’s reputation. The first one was great to watch and this one is equally impressive. In order to scare myself a little bit, I watched A Haunted House. All I can say about this movie is that it’s time wasting. Lucy is another movie with the same calibre as A Haunted House. The trailer looked good but after watching Lucy, I am sure it’s one of the many movies which has good trailer but rubbish film.

If I Stay is one of the movies that I have been eagerly waiting. It’s a movie starring Chloe Grace Moretz. She starred in the Kick Ass film and I love to watch her acting since. Well, not all of the movies that she starred in were great but I wasn’t disappointment after watching If I Stay. The only thing I would say is that they could have found a better lead actor in the movie.

Finally, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It is my all time favourite cartoon and I still remember talking with my friends at school about the cartoon and imagining which of the character we would want to be. I also remember watching the first ever Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. I got all excited but at that time, there were no CDs or DVDs. Movies are still on tape and for movies like TMNT where most of the time the characters are in sewer, most of the scenes were too dark to make out what’s happening. Now, the latest TMNT is out and after all these years, I am still very much excited by it. In fact, I was so excited that I was most disappointed by it after watching it from start to finish. It seems to have cramped the whole TMNT stories into one movie. Total failure!

Saw, the movie …

I am watching Saw II at the moment. Channel 4 has been showing Saw series and I have recorded Saw, Saw II and Saw III so far. I guess all the Saw series will be shown. Does it mean there will be a latest Saw coming? The last Saw, which is Saw VII was premiere in 2010. The Saw series started back in 2004 and has since had an instalment every year. Hence, it’s been 3 years without a Saw movie. I have to say, Saw is one of the movies series which I really like. I would say it’s even better than Fast and Furious and Final Destination. The reason being I can watch it over and over again and still quite excited about it. There’s even some Saw VIII trailers on Youtube but I doubt any of them is true.

If there is a new Saw coming, I will definitely make sure that I watch it as soon as it comes out.

Kick Ass 2 …

One of my favorite movies is Kick Ass. And Kick Ass 2 is in cinema right now. Even though I am crazy about movies, but it still not enough for me to pay to go to cinema. I would if it’s cheaper, otherwise, I will stick to either free cinema preview or when the DVD is out. I heard a lot of buzz about Kick Ass 2 and most people seems to prefer Kick Ass 2 than Kick Ass. I would probably like them both anyway. I think I watched Kick Ass about three times now. Maybe four.

Even though Kick Ass is based on a comic book like Superman, Spiderman and such, I felt it was totally different when I first watched it. I think I was pretty attracted to the soundtrack and that Chloe G Moretz was really talented when she starred in Kick Ass. Now that she is older, I believe her acting skill has improved. I follow her on twitter too. Those Kick Ass 2 movie trailers almost make want to go and watch it immediately.

As talented as an actor or an actress can be, sometimes, they just find themselves in the wrong movie. I watched Movie 43 and it was a real let down. It’s boring to watch and kind of meaningless. I totally didn’t get what the movie was trying to convey.

Book club meeting

I wonder if my colleagues will invite us to their next book club meeting. Mee and I are certainly not into books and we have no photos to show them anymore but it’s nice to have a chat or gossiping if you like. On the other hand, that’s me thinking if they would like us to be there. Though I have work with them for almost five years now, we are only close with a few of them. It’s impossible to know how someone thinks. They might want us to be there but not sure if we like to be there. Or they don’t want us to be there but they thought it’s polite to ask. Hence, it’s best not to think.

Anyway, some of them are still using paperback books while some of them have move on to e-books. Though none of them is using Kindle, which is the most popular e-Reader. The other day, I heard one of my colleagues asking about best free audio books website. I was quite surprise by that because some of them have only just move from books to e-books and now audio books? Well, I am still not interested in those three. You may disagree but I think the best experience is to watch a movie about it. After all, most movies are depicted from books.


I am watching Last House on the Left at the moment. It’s about a couple of young and reckless teenagers being held captive and tortured by several adults. One ends up being killed and the other one escapes and is rescued by her parents. What comes around, goes around. Her parents eventually kill those who abused their daughter. I have watched this movie a couple of times now and I guess I won’t be watching it till the end tonight as I really need to sleep early. Anyway, it’s quite a good movie and there are certainly some elements of fright and tension throughout the movie. However, I can’t really relate the title to the whole story of this movie.

Talking about movie, Mee and I will be going to cinema on Monday to watch Cabin in the Woods. It’s a horror/thriller genre and I wonder how Mee will react once the movie starts. She is not the fan of horror movies and she got a pillow on her face most of the time when watching Dark Water. We’ll see.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

We watched this movie the other day at my sister’s place. I watched it once already but it was still nice to watch it again. I believe that my sister and Mee thought the same too because they both watched it from start to finish. In that movie, there were a lot of lab furnaces in the lab where the lead actor was working with the chimpanzee. I didn’t think lab furnaces were relevant in that movie especially the type of medicine, which was used to test on the chimpanzees, was for treating Alzheimer. Maybe it is beyond my knowledge but it’s just a movie and maybe I shouldn’t treat it that seriously.

I have to say, I watched a few older versions of planet of the apes but they always start with apes dominating the world and human beings as slaves. They never sort of explaining the beginning of the apes and I believe that is why I am attracted to this movie. I do hope that there will be more sequels of this movie since it’s one of my favourite movies this year.

On another note, it’s the last day of the year 2011, Happy New Year!