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Not Too Long

Well, it doesn’t seem to be that long since I last posted something here. A lot of things have been going on and I just hasn’t got the time or mood to post. I thought it must have been about six months since I last posted. Surprisingly, it’s not even two months. With all the gadgets that I have, I seem to have become less excited in blogging.

When I first started blogging with just shared computer, I wish that I could have a laptop. When I finally have enough money to buy a netbook, which was great for blogging by the way, I still failed to blog more often. Not long after, I complained about my netbook being slow. Well, it’s more about Windows being slow rather than the netbook itself. I bought a MacBook Air. It starts up in less than 5 seconds and I still failed to update my blog as much as I like.

Then another question popped up. It would be great to have an iPad. It’s portable and WordPress has an app for it. It will be faster than my MacBook Air. Posting from an app, how cool would that be at that time. Still, it’s no answer to my blogging habit. In fact, I don’t think I ever posted anything using my iPad.

Another question popped up. iPad doesn’t have a 3G connection. That means I cannot post anywhere I like. My HTC I just too slow. I have to have an iPhone. I bought one. The worst case now is that I post less and less with all the gadgets I have. Maybe blogging is an excuse for me to get new gadgets? To be quite honest, I am not sure what other gadgets I can get now by using blogging as an excuse.

Gaming days …

It’s getting a bit bored now, playing Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning. I don’t really have much control of the character except following the quests’ instructions and the map which has pointer that shows me where to go. However, I am still playing it because I just want to see the end of it. At the back of my mind, I am also thinking of playing the game as another character, the character who is great in magic. Every time I play this type of games, I always choose the warrior type of character. I guess it’s about time to try something different.

Playstation Network is currently having sales on Final Fantasy games. At the moment, I am thinking of getting Final Fantasy XIII-2 at around ¬£8. The sales end on the 6th of February. That leaves me about a week to grab it. I am weighing the pros and cons between downloading the game and getting the physical disc of the game. To me, playing any game from the hard drive is always faster than running discs. And discs make the Playstation unit noisy too. On the other hand, I like the idea of owning a physical disc, but that’s just me.

Blogging …

I used to think writing a blog is easy. But nothing is every easy. You have to have a theme to write about and being me, I just talk about anything. Hence, my blog’s rating is not as good as I like. I like technology stuffs especially games and I like movies too. Hence, I started another blog to write all relevant reviews while keeping this blog as my sort of gossip blog. Soon, I find it tedious to handle both and I ended up writing everything here.

I am quite a conservative person when it comes to posting things online. I have a Facebook account that I don’t use much. I used to post a lot once a while but nothing too personal. Hence, I think it’s quite difficult for me as well when it comes to blogging. I don’t do a lot of photos as well as I just feel a bit odd. Maybe I am not that confident myself.

Being the normal me in front of people, I somehow feel a lot more confident compare to when I am blogging. People normally feel the opposite because when blogging, you are almost anonymous if you want to. Maybe that’s just me.

Spam comments …

Before my last few posts, I think I took like a couple of months off from blogging. Since then, the comment section has increased drastically. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry as almost all of the comments were spam. What I don’t understand is how my blog can attract so many unwanted comments. To this date, there are 31,911 comments. I have been clearing them whenever I can so that it won’t slow the blog down. Sometime later, I will try to google for a solution to stop people from spamming my blog with thousands of comments.

My other blog is just laying idle at the moment and I can’t imagine how many comments it has raked up. I know that I have said numerous times that having WordPress on my iPhone and iPad will definitely encourage me to blog more often. However, there’s always something crop up that kind of prevents me from continue blogging. For example, my latest technology addition, or addiction, Playstation 3. My late night is usually movie hours but now, I have to choose between the two of them. No, I have to choose between the two of them and sleep.

Yeah, I have decided to try and move my sleep time to a few hours earlier. 10 – 11pm would be ideal. My idea is that I will sleep early, and wake up early. By the end of last year, I am ashamed to say that my sleep time was around 2 – 3am. ¬†Yesterday, I managed to go to bed at 1am and the day before was 1.30am. With a little more effort, I don’t see why I am not able to achieve early sleep time. One thing that is worrying me is that I may not be able to stay up late if need to. Hence, I devised another plan which is to sleep early during weekdays, but sleep later during weekends. That should work, shouldn’t it?!

Under The Dome …

I have just finished watching the second episode of Under The Dome. It’s been a while since I watched any kind of dramas. The last two that I remember were Heroes and Lost. I stopped half way as they became boring. After that, I only watch sitcoms as they are normally short and stories don’t span across multiple episodes. When you are watching dramas, you have to keep following episodes after episodes. Missed one and you are most likely to be in the dark. Thanks to catchup TV though, you can always go back to the last seven days. If you go online, broadcasters like Channel 5 allows up to a month of viewing.

Anyway, I watch the first and second episode of Under The Dome from Channel 5 website. To be honest, I am not impressed with the casting so far. It didn’t grow on me like when I first watched Heroes. I really liked Heroes but episodes after episodes, the story got slower and slower and then it became boring. However, I am quite determined to watch another few more episodes of Under The Dome just to see where to story is going. Right now, I already have two characters that I dislike; Junior Rennie (played by Alexander Koch) and James Rennie (played by Dean Norris). Alexander’s acting is poor while Dean’s acting is not very good either. I would love to see other dramas starred Dean Norris and see how he fared. Well, someone who starred in many dramas or movies doesn’t necessary make him or her a good actor or actress.

While I have pointed out the two actors whom I don’t think are very good in Under The Dome, there are some who seem to have over-acted. Perhaps all of them want Under The Dome to be good so bad that they feel some kind of pressure? I shall watch a few more episodes before deciding whether or not to call it a day for me.

Yodel …

Mee ordered a toaster from Sainsbury’s a few weeks ago. The delivery company is Yodel and it gave Mee nothing but headache. The first delivery attempt failed and the driver left a card. Mee then rang Yodel customer service and she was told that the delivery time is between 7am to 9pm. Yes, you heard it right. A delivery company expecting customers to wait the whole day, in this occasion, a toaster. Every questions Mee asked regarding the delivery was replied with a firm ‘NO’. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

To make matters worst, the 8 digit reference number cannot be used when ringing the delivery service number. It kept saying the number is not recognised. Hence, Mee had to ring the customer service instead. On Yodel’s website tracking section, it also mentions the 8 digit reference number to be used for tracking the parcel’s delivery status. Still, it can be used. It’s the parcel number that has to be used along with the postcode in order to track the delivery status.

So, today is the delivery day that we instructed. Mee received the item at 4pm after arriving at the house at 0820 hours.