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Busy week ahead …

Next week is going to be hectic. My managers will be back from their holidays as well as other colleagues. Working half a day in one department and another half in another department can affect my effectiveness sometimes. ¬†Yet I don’t know when I will be able to work full time in my new department. The deadline for people to apply for my current position has ended last week and they should be conducting interviews from next week. My manager doesn’t even know if there are any applicant at all. There were only two applicants when they advertised for my manager’s position. I don’t think they are hopeful in finding a replacement for my position in such a short time. Talk about unemployment and it seems that many people are quite picky or do not have the relevant qualifications. If they are still trying to find someone who can do the job immediately and not giving a chance for people to learn, I wish them good luck!

Estate agents

So far, Mee and I have gone to see about three estate agents. While they have different types of approach; some friendly, some doesn’t seem like they want to make any business, some seems like they work alone, some thinks that we are not going to buy at all, they seem to be using the same real estate business card templates. Don’t they think that they need to be a little bit different from their competitors? Well, I can’t comment much anyway since I am not in the real estate business. They might think that it’s only a card and as long as it has all the necessary information, it should be good. I beg to differ though. It can say a lot about a business but that’s just me.

My first and second jobs in Malaysia required me to travel extensively but locally. Not totally true since I had travelled to Thailand once for work purposes. Anyway, I distributed hundreds of business cards in the span of a couple of months and I did receive a lot too. Initially, I was really proud to own my set of business cards but soon, I was not bothered by it and wished that I hadn’t had any business cards to give out. The simple reason was that so nobody could contact me. Receiving business cards was another story. Some business cards were really plain looking card, probably the cheapest dealer they could find, and some really make an effort in making a good first impression. Some people would that a business card should be straightforward but I was always fascinated by business cards that tried to make a difference.

Live and work

It is no secret that Mee and I will be going back to Malaysia this coming December. My new contract will start on 1st of May 2013 and since I am already working for my new manager now, I have mentioned to him about Mee and my plan. His first reaction was not surprised at all. He didn’t think it was a problem at all whereas if I tell either my manager or my team leader, I am quite sure I will get a different reaction. Hmmm… I believe that’s what I was trying to tell Mee today; the difference between working with my current manager and future manager. I feel a lot more relax in the next half of my working day. Till now, I can’t still work out why both my manager and my team leader couldn’t be bothered to tell the rest of the team about me working half day here and another half in another department.

Anyway, I am thinking of getting a mace pepper spray for Mee while we are in Malaysia. Looking at the news, the current Malaysia is not the same Malaysia that Mee and I used to live and work before. That’s also one of the many reasons why buying a property here is the way forward and maybe settling down in the UK. I know that both my brothers live and work in Malaysia for many years now but Mee and I have left Malaysia to work in UK for more than 6 years now. It can be quite nerve wreaking to think about leaving everything behind and start again in Malaysia. Well, that’s what we did to come to UK but that to us was the correct decision. At the moment, I am not convince that leaving UK for Malaysia is the right decision.

Sad and happy days …

Last night, Mee and I attended a leaving do of one of our colleagues. Her partner found a job near Lake District and they will be moving there. In fact, she is going to leave the job tomorrow and then with a two weeks leave. She will still live here for a week and then she will be moving everything over the next week. The original group of colleagues within the management of my head of department is shrinking. Two of the them retired, one moved back to Thailand, one found another, one is moving to another district, one is retiring at the end of this year and one is at risk. On the other hand, I am slowly moving to another department. I can’t wait to move out of my current department but at the same time, I wonder how it will be like when I am in a different department. Not that I am a very important member of staff but it’s just that we have been working together for 5 years. They are very nice to me too considering that I am quite a quiet person.

We went to listen to a talk the other day and I was thinking, where should I sit after I move to the new department? And do I still continue sharing the coffee facility with them or should I start bringing my own coffee when I move to the new department? Sigh… I do still want to socialise with them though and since my department moved out of the main office, the only time that we normally see each other is coffee time. I will see them even less when I am in the new department and without the coffee time.

I may be thinking too much. Whatever happen, will happen and I shouldn’t need to worry too much at the moment. Things should turn out good!

Liverpool …

It is really disappointing following Liverpool’s progress in the English Premier League. Just last week, they won against Tottenham with a score of 3-2. In fact, I didn’t believe that Liverpool would win when they were down by one goal. Miraculously, they won. The week before, they won against Wigan with an impressive score of 0-4 away score. Yet today, they lost to Southampton 3-1. Why can’t they be consistent? Every time when Liverpool look like they are performing well and down they come again. The manager and players kept saying that they will play like every match is a final. It’s just show how much they really want to win and apparently, not enough compare to other teams. Will they bring in more players in the next transfer period and will that make any difference? I doubt so since the mentality will still be the same. I don’t think there’s another English Premier League team that is so inconsistent like Liverpool.