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Tiberium Alliances

tiberiumalliancesThis is the game that I have been playing. It’s called Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances but the gameplay is nothing like Command & Conquer as we know it. I have been playing for probably about 18 – 19 months. Seems like a long time but still, there are gamers who played for several years. Like Command & Conquer, you get to choose to play the good or the bad; NOD or GDI. You started with one base and as you grow your base, you can do research on more bases when you have enough points. I won’t bore you with the details but just some of the concepts. The ultimate quest is to defeat the Forgotten Fortress which is located at the centre of the map. With this online game, setting up or joining an alliance is important. There are POIs which will help your alliance members to gain Tiberiums and Crystals, which are the currency in the online game. Needless to say, the higher level of POIs you have, the more bonuses your alliance will have. And the quicker you can with upgrading your bases.

I would say that there are three parts of the game which is building your base, offense and defense. Offense helps to take out enemies and bases as you move towards the centre. Defense, well, helps you to defend from incoming attacks. With each attack, either from you or against you, your base needs recovery time and the time is determined by your units’ level and the buildings’ level which are relevant to the units. It’s difficult to find a balance in the game as to whether to upgrade the offense or the defense or the base. Also with each attack, you gain certain points call research points which will help you in doing research on better offense or defense units or even the next base. Until now, I am still in the learning stage.

There are many worlds to play in this online game. I played in five different worlds and I have yet to attack the Forgotten Fortress. It’s a long game and before you know it, you will be spending hours and hours in it. It’s fair to say that I have so far been able to resist myself from using real money on the game just to be able to upgrade my bases quickly. I prefer to have done everything with patient.

It has been challenging at times and not many people have that kind of patient. I didn’t think I have but yet, I have been playing Tiberium Alliances for so long and at times, I was logging in twice a day. There are people who are just there all the time, and there are people who just come and left. I get to see many who just want a quick game and leave the game as soon as they think that they don’t have a chance to attack the Forgotten Fortress any sooner than they think.

All in all, I can now quite understand why people prefer online game. It feels real as you are playing with real people from around the world rather than computer generated player who are less responsive.


I used to download songs quite a lot but nowadays, I just turn to Spotify. There are many different online music streaming services available but I am just used to how Spotify works. I still haven’t quite figured out iPhone’s Spotify but eventually, I will.  I tried Rdio but the interface wasn’t as straightforward as I would like it to be. In Spotify, I just search a song and add it to my playlist. On Rdio, I failed on the first hurdle, which was searching for a song. It just doesn’t give me a usable search results. It’s pretty much like when you are using Google Search or Bing. Bing doesn’t give you the results that you can find in Google. The problem is, Google’s results are always most relevant to the search term.

I would want to try Apple Music provided it offers free account with the option to upgrade to a premium account like Spotify. Until such time, Spotify works best for me. I have also signed up for free two months premium trial account. It works similar to the free account except that I have the ability to download songs and listen without the need for internet connection. Best of all, free of ads. As good as it sounds, I will probably revert back to free account after two months. I can’t justify the need to fork out £9.99 every month for an online music streaming account.


I am now seriously considering getting myself a set of headphone. I love watching movies and most of the time, I watched them in the middle of the night. As it’s in the middle of the night, I don’t have much choice but to turn the volume down a lot. I also have the tendency of falling asleep half way through a movie. I believe the sleepiness is caused by several factors; it’s the normal sleep time for a normal person, the volume is so low that I am using more energy to try to listen to it rather than keeping myself awake or the movie is just pure boring.

Hence, the solution might to get a headphone. That way, I can just crank up the volume without having to disturb anyone in the house or neighbour. It’s easy when you think about it but wait till you go online and search for headphone. There are thousands of them to choose from and the prices vary. I could set myself a budget but a few searches later, I will probably go out of my budget range. Wireless headphones cost more but it would make my life easier. I saw a hdj 2000 which looked great in terms of the specifications but no so great on the price. Unfortunately, it’s a wired headphone and the wireless one with the same specifications would probably cost a lot more than I am willing to pay.

I actually have been talking about buying a headphone ever since we moved into our new house and I still haven’t managed to make up my mind. Well, the search continues…

Playstation 3 Download Management

I have been using my Playstation 3 for over a year now. Considering that my version of Playstation 3, which is the super slim model, is about 2 years in the market when I bought it, one would have thought the software and hardware have improved over the years. Mind you that the first Playstation 3 was announce about 9 years ago. Sadly, apart from being smaller, lighter and more options on the storage size of things, everything else stays the same. I wasn’t very annoyed since it’s a gaming console and I suppose it will play every games labelled with PS3 compatible.

On one sales event, I bought a few bundled games which came with a lot of downloadable contents (DLC). Most DLCs are quite small in size and it should take matter of 10-20 seconds to complete download and install. However, after installing a few DLCs, I thought I might as well get on with playing the game and download the DLCs later. That’s what I did and when I went back to the download list again, the interface only showed me the list of games and DLCs which I have bought. It didn’t state which items have been downloaded and installed. Imagine having tons of games and DLCs, how would I know which ones I haven’t downloaded yet?

I turned to Google for solution. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people are talking about it. Do they not care or downloading games aren’t popular yet? For me, it’s a flaw in the system. It’s easy to identify if I had downloaded the game because I can just look at my game list. I wouldn’t want to re-download all the DLCs again just to be sure that I have actually installed all the DLCs. Seeing that Playstation 4 is already here, I doubt there will be any more improvements on Playstation 3 XMB interface.

Playing Games

Just when I thought I was a bit bored playing my Playstation 3, I started to search for my all time favourite game; Fifa. Well, I try not to spend a lot in games especially on new games like Fifa 15 which will cost a whopping £34.99. My second option is to look for previous version and pre-owned as well as research on the difference of the versions. Then, it came down to either Fifa 14 or Fifa 13 and they cost £12 and £3 respectively. Considering it’s only a year apart between the two, the pre-owned prices were so huge. After much consideration, I opted for Fifa 13 as it only cost £3. I don’t mind not having the latest rosters or the latest players in the team. As such, Fifa 13 works out great for me in terms of price and satisfaction. The only downside is it being Blu-Ray and it can get a bit noisy when the PS3 unit loads the game.

Not long after that, in fact, it was two days ago, there comes the Black Friday sale. Fifa 14 dropped to £10 but it didn’t bother me. It’s still more than three times more expensive than Fifa 13. However, something else caught my eyes, Grand Theft Auto 5. It dropped from £14.99 to £10 at the Game store. It was about £20 when I went to CEX, a shop specialises in pre-owned electronics and games. Without second thought, I bought it as I believe that it’s limited availability in terms of price and stock.

There I have, two of my favourite games, Fifa and Grand Theft Auto. They should keep me company for quite some time. I don’t think Fifa is a game that has an ending. Hence, even if I finished Grand Theft Auto 5, I will still have Fifa to keep me going.

iPhone 5 Battery

My iPhone 5 had a charge of 100% before I went to sleep last night. When I woke up this morning, it still had around 90% charge. I had only been watching a few youtube clips and whatsapping for about 10 minutes, it was down to 26% earlier. As soon as I connected it to the power source, it jumped to 45%. It happened since iOS 7 and a few updates later, it’s still displaying the same behaviour. It seems to me that it’s the iOS problem, unable to accurately show the battery level. When I was in Malaysia, the battery dropped to 19% and I still could make calls and texting for quite a while before it went completely dead. Hence, it indicated that it had more than 19% of battery charge.

All was well when I first bought iPhone 5. I twittered a few images showing that I could use my iPhone 5 down to 1% of charge before it died. I wonder what I had to do or is it something that I can do? I might have to wait for iOS 8 and quite possibly, upgrading iOS 8 might be a bad idea. Maybe I should format my iPhone 5 but it will take a considerably huge amount of time.