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Radio Frequency Identification

A while ago, I received my Amazon credit card and PayPal credit card. They both come with contact-less payment feature but I have yet to test that out. I did say that I want to try it out the next time I visit McDonald’s but I never do it. Never did I know that people can steal information from the radio frequencies that the cards emit. I just thought the added functionality could make life a little bit easier as making payments of under £15 is as easy as touch and go. Now, in order to prevent theft through these contact-less credit cards, companies have started producing rfid blocking wallets, cell phone bags, passports and more. Some of you may ask why cell phones or passports. In countries like Japan and South Korea, they already have the technology where payments can be made by cell phones. It’s here in Europe but it is not widely use. As far as I know, most cell phone manufacturers are already going into the cell phones contact-less payment direction. In some countries, passports have embedded chips and the chips contain all the personal information. Imagine if those information falls into the wrong guy without even the need to touch you! It’s unbelievable but the more these contact-less technology becomes popular, the more risk we get from using it.