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Online Banking

A lot of times, I read about wife as the person managing the finance and bills. I, on the other hand, am the one who manages the finance and bills in this household. I bet Mee doesn’t know a quarter of the bills that we have to pay. Thankfully, most of the bills are paid using direct debit. However, the direct debit comes out of different bank accounts and I need to make sure that the money is there at the beginning of each months.

In the past, I would have said no to online banking app. I do not trust the security and often the easiness to access my bank accounts using apps. I just felt that it’s vulnerable having that kind of access using my mobile phone which, touch wood, could be stolen at any time. How times change. I have three online banking apps for three different banks, of course. HSBC introduced a dongle type device to access online banking a while back to make the online banking more secure. However, when signing up for the HSBC app, I don’t have to use the dongle to access my bank account. In fact, I can even set a passcode which make access even straightforward and effortless. I wonder if that defeat the purpose of making online banking secure. I am not comfortable with using only a passcode to access my bank account, hence, I didn’t enable the feature. I would feel much secure if I had an iPhone 5S which uses the fingerprint.

Using app is so much easy when I want to transfer money between accounts. I can also keep track of my credit card spending. Having said that, Tesco credit card is my main credit card at the moment. The app is great but the transactions are not as up to date as logging in online. I hope that they can rectify that in the near future.

If only I can do blogging like I do with online banking.


Spotify has been around for quite a while and I haven’t managed to really use it until now. I was listening to the online radio the other day and suddenly decided that I had enough. Most of the songs were not what I wanted to hear and I soon got boring. That’s when I looked into Spotify and now, I have Spotify on my iPhone, iPad and PC. I haven’t got it on my mac though. Anyway, I now managed to create a playlist of my own and play it wherever and whenever I want.

A flaw that I discovered just after 5 minutes of using Spotify is that it doesn’t have a good collection of Japanese music. I was looking for Ayumi Hamasaki and I couldn’t find any. Chinese songs are easy to find though.

Mee and I were looking at one of Argos offers; Sony micro hi-fi at £79.99. My plan is to have a hi-fi where we could use the AUX in to play Spotify or any music from USB. Hence, we decided to buy the Sony micro hi-fi the next time we are in town but upon checking on the stock availability on the internet, the nearest store with stock was in London. Well, I believe that’s always the case with Argos. Good value stuffs are always out of stock. Now, I am in the hunt for a wifi speaker or another good value micro hi-fi system. Ultimately, I would prefer a micro hi-fi system with wifi capability but it’s going to cost a bit more than I would like to spend. I have good hope though as it’s the end of the year and there are bound to be some good value micro hi-fi system coming up on sale soon.

Drivers …

I got this game like almost a month now. Today, it’s the first time I played it and immediately, it was asking me to update the game version. Luckily, it was only a 25MB download. I remember it was 1GB of download when I first played Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The worst thing was after the download, it prompted that the game was corrupted. The game itself was around 10GB and I had to download all over again. Anyway, I first played Drivers on my computer. Every game seems to start with my computer. Even Final Fantasy. Speaking about Final Fantasy, I also just downloaded Final Fantasy XIII but I have yet to play it.

I keep straying from the topic. First impression on Drivers, it’s good. The car is a bit difficult to control but it is so cool that I can transfer between cars and the effect is cool too. The missions are not too difficult at the moment. It will take sometime to familiarise with the control. For example, if you are chasing a car, you could transfer to another car in front of it and crash in to the car. When I first played Drivers on my computer, it was very addictive. I wonder how PS3 will fare after clocking a few more hours on it.

Sony Playstation Store …

Since purchasing PS3, I find that every month, there will be some games on sale. Some games can be really cheap. The one that I notice this month is Grid 2. I was selling at £47.99 before this and now it dropped to £8.15. I just thought why drop so much? It doesn’t happen very often but so far, there will be one or two games that have the price dropped by such a huge margin. Sometimes, you can pick up a game for as little as £3. In my opinion, it’s better to download the games rather than having piles of Blu-Ray discs laying around. I have two discs that come free with my PS3. I might get another one or two just because I have the HMV vouchers to spend on. Unfortunately, February sale doesn’t excite me. I already have Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Driver which I believe are much better games than Grid 2. Well, any games with an open world is always better.

Surprisingly, I haven’t had the urge of getting Fifa. I played Fifa many many years ago. I believe the first Fifa I played was Fifa 1996 on my computer. I stopped a few series in between and also switched from computer to PSP. Now that I have PS3, I will definitely get Fifa when it becomes cheap. While the gameplay has improved tremendously since 1996, I do believe that Fifa 1998 is the best! Some people play Fifa and hoping for the gameplay to be good but Fifa 1998 is just so much fun. It’s not realistic at all but who cares? Gaming is supposed to be fun! Who wants to be playing a game with a character like themselves?

Purchase Power

Sometimes, I find myself always try to find something to buy. I am not sure why. It’s like the need to go out and spend some money. When I finally got out there, I didn’t spend at all because I couldn’t find something that I want. Or I have no purpose to make a purchase. I do feel quite excited now because I will be purchasing a new vacuum cleaner soon. Having something to buy is almost like something to look forward to.

My manager seems to be buying something every month. He bought a PS4 just few days ago and he got himself a Digitech Effects for his birthday last week. He has also bought a new Porsche recently and will be getting it at the end of March. How cool is that?! I wish I have that kind of money to spend. I would prefer to save the money though. To make myself feeling better, my PS3 is enough for me and I treat car as liability.


Mee and I signed up on a few survey companies and the rewards are that we can convert points to vouchers. Some surveys pay quite well while some, it took a while to accumulate the points. I guess it’s always good to earn some cash by just answering a few questions. Like in my previous post about my vacuum cleaner, I will be buying Dyson vacuum cleaner using some of the vouchers that Mee and I accumulated. Without these vouchers, we will really need to think hard on whether or not to purchase a vacuum cleaner with a price tag of £199.99.

At the moment, we also have £20 worth of HMV vouchers. Some people may say that they will have no problems spending them in HMV but Mee and I are struggling to find something in HMV. I watch movies but I don’t like to collect the DVDs. I am tempted to buy Blu-Ray discs to see how good they are but I am thinking it’s just a waste of money. I saw some keyboards, though I am moderately interested in keyboards, I saw some better deals on some great yamaha keyboards ydp 142 at guitar center. I browsed some PS3 games and most of them are quite expensive. By having the £20 vouchers, I don’t intend on spending more than that. God of War: Ascension, one of my favorite games, has caught my attention. It’s pre-owned, costing £12.98. That’s not too bad considering a new one will cost £13.99 from Amazon and £29.99 from Playstation Store, bearing in mind that I can use a £10 voucher.

I may have also mentioned that I am playing Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning at the moment. Having played every God of War PSP series, Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning can be quite boring at times. After watching God of War: Ascension gameplay on Youtube, I am even more determined to get it. Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning is not in the same league.